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Metodi Hristov (Bulgaria) Mixtape


01 Dale Howard – Bounce Back (Original Mix)
02 Tuccillo – City Lights (Original Mix)
03 Lula Circus – Theory Of Folds (Alex Raphael Remix)
04 Mulder – Gecko (Original Mix) [Metodi Hristov Edit]
05 Dosem – Star Safari (Original Mix)
06 Sidney Charles – House Lesson (Original Mix)
07 CrossNineTroll – Wanna Say (Original Mix)
08 Super Touch – Where Is Mr Gab-On (Original Mix)
09 Leonardo Gonnelli – Face To Face (Daniel Sanchez Remix)
10 Metodi Hristov – Quake (Original Mix)
11 Pavel Petrov - Whirlwind (Original Mix)
12 Tom Flynn - Equaliser (Original Mix)
13 DJ Le Roi - Heartbreaker (Clio Remix)
14 Liam Geddes – About To Freak This (Washerman Remix)

For a short period of time Metodi Hristov manage to do a series of events and thus being able to win the fans of electronic music on the Bulgarian market. His unique style is something much more than the traditional "house" or "techno" music.

He love experimenting by mixing up different music styles, which result in an unexpectedly good combination. Being charged up by the success, he take the decision of moving on to the next level- producing music. He is currently producing for popular labels and remix popular artists, converting his music to fit his own style. A part of those label companies are Great Stuff Recordings, Suara, Witty Tunes, Bla Bla, Pornostar Records, KOTE Records, Sincopat, I Records, Dutchie Music, and many more. His products (productions) are some of the most popular among above-mentioned labels. He is being supported by various world known artists (producers) like Marco Carola, Richie Hwatin, Sebastien Leger, Joris Voorn, Chris Lake, Mark Knight, Roger Sanchez, Jay Lumen, Pan-Pot, Chus & Ceballos, Crazibiza, Mathew Dekay, Audiojack and many more.

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Metodi Hristov on Twitter: @metodihristov

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