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Cuban Duo, Ivan Lejardi and David Casas, are the DJs and Producers behind Da Le (Havana), Deep & Melodic music infused with the traditional Cuban roots are their magic ingredients, they blend powerful electronic sequences with the wealth of ancestral Afro-Cuban music.

01. Da Le (Havana) - Wemilere
02. DJ CHUS, Sparrow & Barbossa ft.Etelvina Maldonado - A Pila El Arro
03. Keyano - Dan Dale (Ucha Remix)
04. Tayllor - 1001 Nights
05. Kintar, Medusa Odyssey - Waaba
06. George Lesley ft.Tlale Makhane - The Atmosphere (Saint Evo Remix)
07. Da Le (Havana) - Wemilere (Different Age Remix)
08. Chopstar - Yawa
09. Frigid Armadillo - Roam In A Day
10. Josi Chave ft.Kea Zawadi - To the beat
11. Din Jay - I Gotta Know (SoulLab Vocal Remix)
12. The Advocate ft.Toshi - Ekata
13. Da Le (Havana) ft.Edesio Alejandro - Rumba Blen
14. Roberto Palmero - MA - AH
15. Dario D'Attis, Jinadu - Everything Changes (Da Le Havana, Different Age Remix)

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