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Ian Ludvig is one of the most renowned Spanish DJ, Producer, and composer. His recent co-produced track with Dennis Cruz – Black Bird – though the Moblack label has ranked the afro-house tops. His music career started with a sound related to Tech House. However, his constant restlessness and creativity took him to evolve to melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic sounds, and his productions become more recognized by the big labels.  Ian hasn't reached his limit. His potential as an artist is immense.


01. Dorian Craft Feat. Coco - Stuck in My Head (Re.You Remix)
02. From96 - Mbira
03. Oliver Koletzki & Niko Schwind - Agitation
04. Amene - Your vibe
05. Ian Ludvig & Idd Aziz - Dodo
06. Superflu- Effretikon
07. Bell Towers- Want You (Need You) (Adam Port Remix)
08. DJ Chus & Gonzalez & Gonzalo- One Night in Havana (Ian Ludvig Remix)
09. Ian Ludvig Nature
10. Innellea - Catanacean
11. Ian Ludvig - Dante

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