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Sinvergüenza is an Italian Dj with South American origins. He merges his passion for electronic music with the Dutch deep-techno style, adding tribal and African imprints. The final result is a genre that remains mainly deep house, that emerges thanks to the DJ's particular use of various synthesizers and his accuracy in the use of drums. Sinvergüenza is always looking for new sounds and vibrations: that is why his productions are always unique to themselves and enable the artist's style to particularly stand out.

01. Ben - Bogota
02. Sinvergüenza -  ID
03. Sinvergüenza feat. Al.Ma - Confusion
04. M.E.M.O. - Tai Tai
05. Dood (Gr) - Ritual
06. DJ Chus, Sparrow & Barbossa - Nyakua feat. Idd Aziz
07. Mòo & Jo, Demayä feat. Arkadyan & Eribertho Cruzado - Desperado
08. Manybeat - Papasote
09. Manybeat - Mamasota
10. Natema - Ven (Ahora sì)
11. Kiberu - Ufzag
12. Like That Underground, Kareem Zadd - Waves (La Santa Remix) 
13. Sinvergüenza - ID
14. Sinvergüenza - Revelation
15. Jubaba - Ritmo de Bom Bom (Lexa Hill Extended Remix)

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