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Sparrow & Barbossa create a fusion between organic and electronic progressive sounds. Their age difference has a positive influence on both their releases and performance. While Bryan brings the freshness of modern sounds and melodies, Emiliano fine-tunes the rhythmic part and brings his knowledge built up throughout the years. Globe-trotters, they're true lovers of ethnic and lost cultures, devoted to transmit this legacy through electronic music.

01. DJEFF, Sparrow & Barbossa - Gimili Calling (Neil Amarey Remix) / Inward
02. Luke Alessi - Awaken / Unknow Records
03. Da Mike - Kaavan (Original Mix) / Saved Records
04. Sparrow & Barbossa - La negra (Literatura Remix) / Inward
06. Ameme - Talk to me / One tribe
07. Aime - Smiling Faces / Spa in Disco
08. Dear Humans - Kidogo / Moblack records
09. Literatura - Dream / Ashram Records

Bonus Track
10. DJ Chus - World Routes ( Sparrow & Barbossa Remix) / Stereo Productions

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