Stereo Productions Podcast

This dynamic married duo of well-experienced DJs & Producers from Tel Aviv. Who knows how to get the crowd Bumpin’ while crafting mesmerizing DJ sets that flow thru House, Tech House, and Techno, infused with Disco, Latin & Afro vibes. This set contains the stereo productions track from Blueheist, La Santa - Malik, and Chus track along with Sparrow & Barbossa - A Pila El Arro feat. Etelvina Maldonado released in MoBlack Records.

01. Yamil, G.Zamora - Lamento
02. Embatucadores - Terra Rasgada (Santiago Garcia Remix)
03. DJ Chus, Sparrow & Barbossa - A Pila El Arro feat. Etelvina Maldonado
04. Jose Alves - My Sound
05. DiMO (BG), Mr. K (BG) _ El Tarikatos
06. Ian Justiniani - Sol Menor
07. Do Moon Feat. Klow Dy - Komare (David Montoya Remix)
08. The Angels & Idd Aziz - Jungle Walk
09. The Angels Feat Emma El Shir - Bebe (Late Night Mix)
10. Blueheist, La Santa - Malik
11. Saliva Commandos - We only Watching the stars
12. Joeski - El Santo
13. The Angels - Fuego En Tus Ojos
14. The Angels - Bailar (Pippi Ciez Remix)

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