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Zakem is a Moroccan DJ and Producer with different aspects of House music, from his first American DJs influences who played old school, funky, to the new wave of Deep, Melodic, and Afro. In the past, Zakem only played live events and produced music for his sets, but some years ago, he strongly started to produce music for labels, becoming one of the most representative artists in his country.

01. Dj Angelo - Surrender / Connected Frontline
02. Keyano - Dan Dale / Deepalma
03. Booz Brothers - Boom Boom
04. Dj Chus meets Pete the Zouk - There is a God (Zakem Remix) / Stereo Productions
05. Dee Montero - Aria (Newman (I Love) Remix) / Futurescope
06. Zakem - Wile / Stereo productions
07. Maxi Degrassi - The Love Goes First / All Day I Dream
08. Zakem - Beauty Abyss / Stereo Productions
09. Vite - P.A.T.Y / Tale & Tone
10. Nico Szabo - Raccoon / TRYBESof
11. Atjazz - Everything = (Dub Mix) / Atjazz Record Company

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