Stereo Productions Podcast

Chus Live @ Space Ibiza June 2013


01. Luca M, JUST2 - Sweet Love (Chus & Ceballos Remix) -Stereo Productions
02. Boris - Funky Beat (Cocodrills Remix) -Transmit Recordings
03. Chus, Boris feat. Roland Clark - Soul Of A DJ (Club Mix) -Toolroom Records
04. Trevor Rockcliffe - The Bells (Steve Mulder Remix) -Promo
05. DJ PP & Do Santos - The Lost Track (Original Mix) -Great Stuff
06. Groove Armada - Superstylin (Restyling 2013) -Promo
07. Christian Smith - Thrust (Original Mix) -Tronic
08. Coyu - The Robbery (Original Mix) -Tronic
09. Anthony Attalla - Yes My Friend (Original Mix) -Incorrect Music
10. Peter Bailey - Unique Form (Original Mix) -Stereo Productions
11. Mark Knight & Stefano Noferini - That Sound  (Original Mix) -Toolroom Records
12. Santos Resiak - A Better Light feat Dilo (The Martinez Brothers Remix)
13. Eric Sneo feat. Chris The Voice - System (Original Mix) -1605
14. X-Press2 - Shakewerk (Chus & Ceballos Remix) -Skint
15. Rob Hes - Thorium (Steve Mulder Mix)

Rafa Barrios Mixtape recorded live at Cielo Night Club NYC, USA


1 Anthony Attalla - Borderline (Rafa Barrios Mix)  [Stereo Productions]
2 Alvaro Smart & Sebastian Ledher - Inside Of Us [Witty Tunes]
3 Rafa Barrios - Spend (Original Mix) [KD Music]
4 Filsonik - Parkur (Original Mix) [Gran Manzana]
5 Ahmet Mecnun - I Am Rich (Original Mix) [Undertechnical Recordings]
6 Collective Machine - Let Me Know (Original Mix) [KD Music]
7 Rafa Barrios - Drugs & Bombs (Original Mix) [KD Music]
8 Collective Machine - Flash Of Light (Original Mix) [KD Music]
9 Cuartero - Coco (Original Mix) [Viva Music]
10 Chus, Boris Feat. Roland Clark - Soul Of A Dj (Rafa Barrios Mix) [Toolroom Records]
11 Danny Tenaglia - Dibiza (Rafa Barrios 2013 Mix) [Stereo Productions] Unreleased

Boris (USA) Mixtape

1. Coyu - The Robbery (Original Mix) - Tronic
2. Alberto Ruiz - Alien (Original Mix)
3. Carlo Lio - Dusty Heart (Original Mix)
4. Steve Mulder & Rafa Barrios - Nilof (Original Mix) - Iberican Encodings
5. Gaga - Deep in the Dark (DJ Fronter Mix)
6. Chus & Boris feat Roland Clark - Soul of a DJ (Original Mix) - Toolroom
7. X-Press 2 - Shakewerk (Chus & Ceballos Iberican Mix)  -Skint
8. Boris & Gaga - Go Home (Original Mix) - Tronic
9. Marco Tisano - Trumper (Original Mix) -Night Light
10. Florian Gasperini - Organic (Original Mix) -Night Light
11. Jewel Kid - House of Lies (Arjun Vagale Mix)

DJ Boris Profile: There are overnight sensations, and then there’s Boris. Baptized in the booths of New York City, the Russian native learned the craft of DJ-ing in front of the most demanding crowds in the world, winning their love in the process. Now he’s taking his skills international, playing everywhere from Las Vegas to Korea, with fresh sounds in his repertoire. New productions for Dubfire's SCI+TECH and Roger Sanchez's Stealth labels explore where minimal techno and dance floor fireworks meet, with explosive results.

Boris on twitter: @DJBORISNYC
Boris on Facebook:

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Steve Mulder (NL) Mixtape

01. Kaiserdisco - Meet Me On The Floor feat. Navid Izadi
02. Filthy Rich - Rollergirl
03. Dj Chus & Rafa Barrios - Malestack (Original Mix) Stereo Productions
04. Kaiserdisco - Dimension
05. Mr. Deka & Hunzed - Off
06. Andy Slate - Silk Road Warrior (Stanny Abram Remix)
07. Ant Brooks - Take It Down
08. Dj Shifter - Won't Get It
09. Unique (CRO), Adoo - Hell's Kitchen (DJ Fronter Remix)
10. Jewel Kid - House Of Lies (Arjun Vagale Remix)
11. Boris - Out The Door (Original Mix)
12. Mr. Deka & Hunzed - Off (Richie Santana Remix)
13. Steve Mulder & Rafa Barrios - Mokum (Original Mix) Iberican Encodings

Steve on twitter: @SteveMulder
Steve on Facebook:

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