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Boasting over 35 years of experience in the realms of deejaying and music production, D-FORMATION stands as one of Spain's most esteemed electronic music artists on the global stage. As the proprietor of BEATFREAK RECORDINGS, the pioneering underground electronic music label in Spain since 1997, D-FORMATION has left an indelible mark on the industry.


01. Theologos - What a Shame / Acrylic On Canvas
02. D-Formation, Blueheist. -Muziek / Stereo Productions
03. AUTOFLOWER - Keep It Going / Raving Society
04. D-Formation - Touching One / Beatfreak
05. Einmusik, Jordan Arts - The One's / Purified Records
06. AUTOFLOWER - Wallflower / Raving Society
07. Simon Doty - Footloose / SHÈN Recordings
08. CARLEO - In My Veins / ILINX
09. Hardt Antoine - Inside Your Mind / Innervisions
10. Yet More, Assayag - What / Siamese
11. Baime - Sorrows of Sun / Blindfold Recordings
12. Sam Shure - Heir of Snare / Habitat Records


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Get ready for an incredible Danny Serrano mixtape. We've got a scorching lineup of new music for your ears, including his latest EP with Que Dice Papa EP, already supported by world-class top DJs.

01. Simon Doty - Footloose
02. Harry Romero - Analog Bugz
03. Vintage Culture, Franky Wah - Alive (feat. Vintage Culture Themba Remix)
04. Danny Serrano - Take it Off
05. Space Food, Tommy Veanud - Paititi
06. Danny Serrano - Que Dice Papa
07. Harry Romero, Shyam P - Mind Games
08. Danny Serrano - Looking Good
09. DJ Chus, D-Formation - New Dawn
10. DJ Chus, Tosz, Olly Klars - To The Moon feat. Tosz (Guzzk Remix)
11. Veednem - Maji
12. Viviana Casanova & Dosem - Out of Space (Dosem Remix)
13. Robert Babicz - Future Disco
14. DJ Pierre, Chic Loren - I Feel Love feat. Chic Loren (Monkey Safari Remix)

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CHUS is thrilled to present one of the most special mixes of the year. FROM THE DEEP, he opens his heart to infuse a sensual breeze into your soul, inviting you to feel and embrace love, and dance to the beats of his finest music selection.


01. Dena Amy - Jol
02. Maz (Br), Antdot, Jéssica Gaspar - Brisa
03. Matiramic - Masai (Spencer Brown Rethink)
04. Tanit - Auwa Uwa (Acapella)
05. Dean Mickoski, Kevin Mckay - Air Tonight
06. Double Touch - Infinite Nocturne
07. D-Nox - Samba
08. Somma - Que Pasa
09. Bebbo - Reflections
10. Samer Soltan - Chasing You
11. Dilby - Cedric’s House
12. Kerri Chandler - Think Of Something (Floyd Lavine Remix)
13. Hall & Oates - Maneater (Ramy Mishriky Mix)
14. Bob Sinclar - Adore
15. Hall & Oates - Out Of Touch (Avangart Tabldot Remix)

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Oscar de Rivera boasts an illustrious career over three decades, marked by steadfast commitment, outstanding craftsmanship, and unyielding self-assurance. Across his musical odyssey, Oscar has showcased a fluid adaptability and mastery that transcends diverse electronic music genres, seamlessly maneuvering from the depths of Deep House to the forefront of underground and avant-garde sounds. His versatility and musical prowess shine through as he effortlessly traverses various styles, leaving an enduring impact on the industry. Oscar's unwavering dedication to his art solidifies his stature as an icon in the vibrant landscape of Spanish electronic music.

 01. Oscar de Rivera - Blue Velvet (DJ CHUS Remix)
 02. Senzala - Taoism
 03. EdiP - TRIP TWO
 04. Daniel Rateuke - SINAYU
 05. DJ Chus & Danny Serrano -  Selvatico (Bootleg Vocal Mix)
 06. Danny Serrano - Que Dice Papa
 07. Tomy Wahl, Alain Fanegas - ABSENCE (CHUS Voices Private Edit)
 08. Pacho & Pepo - People
 09. Julian Collazos, Drumworks - Sisterhood
10. DJ Chus, D-Formation - New Dawn
11. CASSIMM - Dances with Wolves (Chus & Ceballos Remix)
13. Johan Mila - Rodeo Drive
14. Chus & Ceballos - ALL I WANT (Feat. Astrid Suryanto) (Technasia Remix)

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