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La Santa was born in Madrid, Spain, under the Sagittarius sign. Daughter of the sun, a sensitive soul, eclectic Dj & modern music producer. La Santa has been influenced by Classical Music, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Soul, and World Music. This amalgamation of cultures allowed her to blend them into a unique scent. She creates a unique and extraordinary sense of belonging, enhanced through an inner journey.

01. Josh Butler, Dennis Cruz - Ahora Todo Va
02. Blueheist, La Santa - Malik
03. M.Rox - Candomblé
04. La Santa, Sparrow & Barbossa - Cumanayagua
05. Monkey Safari - Bob (Dole & Kom Remix)
06. Rony Seikaly - Mila (Bedouin Remix)
07. Evelynka, Jean Vayat, Artaria - Sun is Setting
08. Koki - Dark Path
09. Matan Caspi - Spacing
10. Erik Schievenin - Orosirian
11. VNTM - Disrupting Machines
12. Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber - See You Next Tuesday (Danny Tenaglia's Return to Twilo Mix)

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Blueheist is the alter ego of an experimented DJ & producer from Madrid, Spain. Blueheist's Music has evolved over the last decade, experimenting with different genres with a common element, the sense of rhythm. He has matured and created a unique sound, where infused tribal and hypnotic melodies melt together. Get ready for the Blue invasion.

01. Steve Aguirre - Musica (Hever Jara Remix)
02. Kerri Chandler - Think of Something (Floyd Lavine Remix)
03. Lazarusman, Mele - The Panther
04. La Santa & Blueheist - Malik
05. Monkey Safari - Artifact
06. Harry Soto - Afro Swing
07. Danny Tenaglia - Dibiza ( Harry Romero Remix)
08. DJ Chus, Rafa Barrios - Malestack (Mathias Kaden Remix)
09. DJ Dep - Hadapequena (Blueheist Remix)
10. Mele - Bience
11. Blueheist - SADE 2021
12. Adrian Hour - Conga
13. Roger Sanchez - Alma Roja (DJ Chus Remix)

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Hola! Hola! amigos DJ Chus speaking, ladies & gentleman, welcome back to Stereo Productions podcast; today, we're celebrating 400 episodes together, so I want to thank you for the support over the years; nothing but love for you guys. Get ready for today's show, including music by Dennis Cruz, Josh Butler, Adrian Hour, Band&Dos, Peppe Citarella, CIOZ, Super Flu, Floyd Lavine, Mateo & Matos, and my new single DJ Chus and Rosewall ft. Tosz called' Who.' Showtime, enjoy the show, time for Mucho Drums

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GRAZZE, in love with music, nature and the magic of the night. With a degree in sound engineering, GRAZZE specializes in the technical areas of production, mixing and mastering as well as guitar and percussion in the artistic field.His versatile sound has been evolving ever more with each song created by producing in different styles while maintaining his essence and own identity. At the moment he is exploring and developing a more elegant and emotive approach in his deepest side. On the other hand, he is also using more ethnic and dynamic elements as his inspirations for producing “club” sounds.

01. Chus & Ceballos, Rafa Barrios - Now Or Never (Franky Rizardo Remix)
02. Chus & Ceballos, Leonardo Gonelli - Abisinia (D-Formation & Grazze Remix)
03. Dario D'Attis, Jinadu - Everything Changes (Da Le Havana, Different Age Remix)
04. D-Formation & GRAZZE - Carte Blanche (Vocal Mix)
05. Chus & Ceballos - All I Want (Oscar L Remix)
06. Franky Rizardo - I'm Feelin (Collective Machine Remix)
07. Sin Plomo - It's You (Dean Mickoski Remix)
08. DJ Chus, Pete Tha Zouk - There Is A God (Zakem Remix)
09. Chus & Ceballos - Senja In Bali (Matador Remix)
10. Chus & Ceballos - EsVedra (Mr. Bizz Remix)
11. Qubiko - Affection (Miane Remix)
12. GRAZZE - GraceMoh (D-Formation Remix)
13. DJ Chus, Joeski - El Amor (Sparrow & Barbossa Remix)
14. Imanol Molina - Ignition (Chus & Ceballos Remix)

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With a DJ career of more than 35 years, Carlos Manaça is one of the main Portuguese DJs and one of the Producers responsible for the so-called “Portuguese Sound”. His sets are very characteristic; they can go from Tech House to Techno, always full of ethnic influences.

01. Joeski & DJ Chus – El Amor (Sparrow & Barbosa Remix) / Stereo Productions
02. Kerri Chandler - Think Of Something (Floyd Lavine Remix) / Watergate Records
03. Joeski, Haronny – Quiero Bailar / Club Bad
04. Simone Vitullo, Do Santos – Que Ritmo (Simone Vitullo 2020) / Go Deeva Rec
05. Carlos Manaça – African Roots / Magna Recordings
06. Natema – Oh Brotha / Transa Records
07. Agent Greg – Shake Your Body / Klaphouse Rec
08. Ellis Moss – The Shake / Toolroom Trax
09. Chus & Ceballos, Oscar L – Da Da Dam (Siege Remix) / Stereo
10. Brokenears – C’Mon / Toolroom Trax
11. Chus & Ceballos, Cevin Fisher – Lost In Music (Hector Couto Remix) / Stereo Productions
12. Loco & Jam – Sleepwalker (Carlos Manaça Remix) / Stereo Productions

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Armandd G, is an entrepreneur, promoter, DJ, and former club owner, with a 15 years career in electronic music in Guatemala. He started contributing to the scene as a promoter opening plenty of legendary and renowned nightclubs, where he has hosted renowned artists from many genres. As a result of his trajectory, Armandd G signed in some labels, such as Stereo Productions, Habitat Label, Xima Records, Nervous, Incorrect music, Klaphouse records, Worms Records, 1994 music, Serranos Kitchen.

01. Leonel Camp, Kamilo Sanclemente - The End Comes After Me Feat. Luli Diaz
02. Band&dos – Bele Bele Feat. Samia
03. Namy - More Than Paradise
04. Tektonauts, Armandd G - La Aguja (Miami Edit)
05. Elias Kazais - Jomo
06. Purø, Edward Sivira – Mi Pueblo
07. DJ Chus – World Routes
08. Frigid Armadillo – Roam In A Day
09. Armandd G, Frigid – Gaia (Araguz, Tektonauts Remix)
10. Tektonauts, Armandd G - Wahiba (Tini Garcia Remix)
11. Band&dos – Spiritual Roots
12. Teklix – The Tribal Code
13. 2 Tall Keith, Eileen Jaime – Calinda

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Fabio Neural is an Italian well know DJ/producer, he won a DJ contest in Ibiza for upcoming talent. His passion for music kept him open-minded and able to play in a wide variety of genres, ranging from techno to groovy and rhythmic housy sounds.

01. Shiba San - Let’s Go Dancing
02. Bruno Furlan - Shake It
03. Ninetoes - Same Same
04. Lorenzo De Blanck - This Is Acid
05. Chus & Ceballos - Afrika (Riaz Dhanani & COZ Remix)
06. Ki Creighton - My Beat
07. Manuel De La Mare - Evil (Knober Remix)
08. Josh Butler - Addis
09. Fabio Neural - Kama
10. Richie Santana - Music Is Freedom (Oscar L Remix)
11. Secondcity, Paul Woolford - All I Want feat. Andrea Martin (Floorplan Remix)
12. Chus & Ceballos, Todd Patterson - In Stereo (Nick Curly Remix)

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CHUS, The Stereo Productions Chief, founder of the Stereo Podcast and creator of the infamous Iberican Sound. He is back on the show and this week presents a genuine mixtape made with love for Danny Tenaglia’s 60th Birthday doing the closing set for his MAESTRO.

01. Smfm - Twisted (Guy J Remix)
02. Da Cassino - I Need Space (Dino Lenny Re-Edit)
03. John Creamer, Randall Jones - I Love Hi Hats (Ismael Rivas Factomania Remix)
04. Oliver Koletzki, Niko Schwind - Acceptance
05. Manqo - Won’t Change (Rampa Retouch)
06. Adam Freemer - So Get Up (Autumn Sunset Mix)
07. Mark Broom - Rain Check
08. Osunlade - Butterfly (Kiko Navarro Koki Synth Dub)
09. Piek - Take It Easy (Romano Alfieri Darkness Remix)
10. Danny Tenaglia - Ohno (Alan Vinet Rework)
11. Duoteque - Amarcord (Marascia Mix)
12. Pirupa - Space Odissey
13. Dennis Cruz - El Puma
14. Sam Ball - Automatic Love Nor Money (Kered's Pointer Sisters Edit)

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Energetic, percussion-driven groove, dark sounds, and rich melodies; a journey amongst the suburbs of house. That’s how HOTEN describes his sound, but his music and live performances speak for themselves. With releases on Stereo Productions, Knee Deep In Sound, and more, the Sydney-based DJ and producer HOTEN has reached the ears of many A-List names, receiving support from the industry’s most influential artists.


01. Terje Saether, Robert Solheim
02. Danny Serrano - Voyage
03. Julian Millan - Golden Voyager
04. Wilber - Kingdom (Unreleased)
05. Dilby - Timberwolf (Unreleased)
06. Airbas - One Way
07. Seff - Needle To The Groove (James Solace Remix)
08. Dosem - Megacities
09. Hoten - Relentless
10. Hoten - 29 Summers (Unreleased)
11. Dee Montero - Aeon (Dosem Extended Remix)
12. Dee Montero - Bahama (Hoten Remix)
13. Kydus - Izarla

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Band & Dos define themselves as a combination of Passion, Talent & Technique. This talented DJ-producer duo from Caracas, Yirvin and Luis, decide to unite their knowledge and skills on Musical Production to represents the new electronic wave in Venezuela. Keep an eye on these guys!


01. Prok & Fitch - Got Groove (Simone Liberali Remix)
02. Chus & Ceballos, Tedd Patterson - In Stereo (Nick Curly Remix)
03. Band&Dos Ft Samia - Bele Bele (Original Mix)
04. Band&Dos, Tony Guerra - From The Guetto (Original Mix)
05. Steve Aguirre , Danny Groove - Island (Band&Dos Remix)
06. DJ Chus, Rob Mirage - Manonegra (Josu Freire Remix)
07. Chus & Ceballos, Stefano Noferini - Mamasitas (Julian Collazos Remix)
08. Band&Dos - Spiritual Roots (Original Mix)
09. Band&Dos - Perdido (Original Mix)
10. Band&Dos - Kassa (Original Mix)
11. DJ Elias - Burnin Drums On Fire (PAUZA Remix)
12. Chus & Ceballos - La Colombiana (David Herrero Remix)
13. Sin Plomo - It's You (Dean Mickoski Remix)
14. Band&Dos,Tony Guerra - Far Away (Original Mix)
15. Band&Dos, Underdog Project - Summer Jam (Afro Remix)


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Ian Ludvig is one of the most renowned Spanish DJ, Producer, and composer. His recent co-produced track with Dennis Cruz – Black Bird – though the Moblack label has ranked the afro-house tops. His music career started with a sound related to Tech House. However, his constant restlessness and creativity took him to evolve to melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic sounds, and his productions become more recognized by the big labels.  Ian hasn't reached his limit. His potential as an artist is immense.


01. Dorian Craft Feat. Coco - Stuck in My Head (Re.You Remix)
02. From96 - Mbira
03. Oliver Koletzki & Niko Schwind - Agitation
04. Amene - Your vibe
05. Ian Ludvig & Idd Aziz - Dodo
06. Superflu- Effretikon
07. Bell Towers- Want You (Need You) (Adam Port Remix)
08. DJ Chus & Gonzalez & Gonzalo- One Night in Havana (Ian Ludvig Remix)
09. Ian Ludvig Nature
10. Innellea - Catanacean
11. Ian Ludvig - Dante

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Oscar L is one of the essential names of the Spanish electronic scene. Personality, perseverance, and energy define him and are qualities that are also found in his particular sound, a combination of influences and peculiarities that have caught the attention of the best labels on the globe, such as Stereo, Truesoul, Suara, amongst others, all of them being connoisseurs of the talent and the effectiveness that the productions of the Spanish artist reunite.


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Oscar de Rivera has a long and successful career, over 30 years, made with constancy, quality, and self-confidence. Oscar evolves perfectly around all the various Electronic music styles, playing from Deep to the most Underground House.

01. Made By Pete - Rhythm Fabric
02. Affani - Arabica II (Oscar de Rivera Remix)
03. Dorian Craft Feat. Coco - Crying Girls
04. Secondcity - Closer with You - (DJ Chus Remix)
05. Rosewall, Shyam P - Destiny (REIYM Remix)
06. Blueheist & La Santa - Malik
07. Danny Tenaglia - Dibiza (Harry Romero Remix)
08. Anja Schneider - All I See (Matrefakt Remix)
09. Mark Mywords - Too Good To Be True
10. Vinicius Honorio - Get Em
11. Chus & Ceballos, Stefano Noferini - Mamasitas (Julian Collazos Remix)
12. Spontanea feat Kat Blu - Invincible (Bruno Zarra Remix)
13. Andhim, Hogni - Stay Close To Me
14. DJ Chus - World Routes (Sparrow & Barbossa Remix)

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DJ Chus needs no introduction, Head Honchos of Stereo Productions, founder of the Stereo Podcast and creator of the infamous Iberican Sound. He is taking back the control of our weekly Podcast and this week present a genuine mixtape with his unmistakable sound, drums all the way down! DJ Set recorded live for Space Transmissions in New York. Enjoy it!

01. Melé - L1 VIA Detroit / Club Mad
02. Manybeat - Hijos de la Guerra (Whitout Balafon Mix) / Xumba
03. PAUZA, Cristian Vinci - Sonido de Calle / Stereo Productions
04. Made By Pete, Penny F - Safe House / Gruuv Recordings
05. Dennis Cruz - El Puma / Solid Groove
06. Makanan - Limber / Stereo productions
07. Monkey Safari - Artifact (Chus Private Edit)
08. Dean Mickoski, Idd Aziz - Dzizu / Stereo Productions
09. DJ Angelo - Way Out
10. Mario Ochoa - Me Gusta / Adverso
11. Safar (FR) - Eternal Roots / Redolent
12. Amine K ft Sami Chaouki - Burning My Shadow
13. Mateo & Matos - Deep Afro Roots (Christos Fourkis Afrogressive Mix)
14. Darius Syrossian - Planet Jazz / Viva Music
15. Darius Syrossian, Nyra - Luis Conte / Viva Music
16. Senzala - 100% (Senzimilla Edit)


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Zakem is a Moroccan DJ and Producer with different aspects of House music, from his first American DJs influences who played old school, funky, to the new wave of Deep, Melodic, and Afro. In the past, Zakem only played live events and produced music for his sets, but some years ago, he strongly started to produce music for labels, becoming one of the most representative artists in his country.

01. Dj Angelo - Surrender / Connected Frontline
02. Keyano - Dan Dale / Deepalma
03. Booz Brothers - Boom Boom
04. Dj Chus meets Pete the Zouk - There is a God (Zakem Remix) / Stereo Productions
05. Dee Montero - Aria (Newman (I Love) Remix) / Futurescope
06. Zakem - Wile / Stereo productions
07. Maxi Degrassi - The Love Goes First / All Day I Dream
08. Zakem - Beauty Abyss / Stereo Productions
09. Vite - P.A.T.Y / Tale & Tone
10. Nico Szabo - Raccoon / TRYBESof
11. Atjazz - Everything = (Dub Mix) / Atjazz Record Company

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Sparrow & Barbossa create a fusion between organic and electronic progressive sounds. Their age difference has a positive influence on both their releases and performance. While Bryan brings the freshness of modern sounds and melodies, Emiliano fine-tunes the rhythmic part and brings his knowledge built up throughout the years. Globe-trotters, they're true lovers of ethnic and lost cultures, devoted to transmit this legacy through electronic music.

01. DJEFF, Sparrow & Barbossa - Gimili Calling (Neil Amarey Remix) / Inward
02. Luke Alessi - Awaken / Unknow Records
03. Da Mike - Kaavan (Original Mix) / Saved Records
04. Sparrow & Barbossa - La negra (Literatura Remix) / Inward
06. Ameme - Talk to me / One tribe
07. Aime - Smiling Faces / Spa in Disco
08. Dear Humans - Kidogo / Moblack records
09. Literatura - Dream / Ashram Records

Bonus Track
10. DJ Chus - World Routes ( Sparrow & Barbossa Remix) / Stereo Productions

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01. Chus & Ceballos, Leonardo Gonnelli - Abisinia (D-Formation & Grazze Remix) / Stereo Productions
02. Evans - Endless / Siamese
03. Derbart - Collapse / Borders Of Light
04. Avar Garden - Oopart (Animal Picnic Remix) / Univack
05. Ivory - Minderals / microCastle
06. Hollt - Etna / die Stube Records
07. Illusory, Enai - Epica / Oddity Records
08. Coeus - Echoes / Oddity Records
09. Dippy Site - Panorama Astratto (Enai Remix) / Stereo Productions 
10. Marino Canal - Radiance / Siamese
11. Fat Cosmoe Feat MAË - Goner / Oddity Recor

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01. Frankey, Sandrino - XRain (Original Mix) / Boson
02. GRAZZE & Rauschhaus - Panaji (Original Mix) / Sudbeat Music
03. QDream & Bondarev - Amathusia (Dmitry Molosh Remix) / aboriginal
04. Nadya - Gravity Circle (D-Formation Remix) / BeatFreak Recordings
05. Silver Lining – Radeckt - Corroded Mind EP / TAU
06. Earth Call - Fairchild & Nox Vahn - Touch the Sun (Nox Vahn Revisit) / Anjunadeep
07. THEMBA (SA) - Social Distancing (Extended Mix) / Herd
08. Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (Sean & Dee Rework) / Bootleg
09. Innellea - Mars’s Moon (Original Mix) / Diynamic
10. Dippy Dite - Panorama Astratto (ENAI remix) / Stereo Productions
11. Chus & Ceballos - Abisinia (D-Formation, Grazze Remix) / Stereo Productions

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01. PAUZA - Bésame Mucho (Bruce Leroys Remix)
02. Kiko Navarro feat. Ilitha - Vuma (FNX Omar Remix) (FNX Omar Remix)
03. Cee ElAssaad, Fnx Omar feat. Idd Aziz - Zhele
05. DJ Elias - Burnin Drums On Fire (PAUZA Remix)
06. Joeski - I Miss You
07. PAUZA - Bembe' feat Machiran (Valerio Bonfa Remix)
08. Jimmix - New York Elephant (Original Mix)
09- Dany Cohiba, Paki Palmieri feat. Laye Ba - Kaay Fi
10-Manybeat - Ananedoo (Original Mix) (Original Mix)
11. PAUZA Ft Tonga Conga - Venimos
12. Havana Sessions (Pablo Fierro Remix)
13. Steve Lee - Bring The Drums

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01. Emakhaya, Da Capo - Sun El Musician

02. Dj Chus, Sparrow & Barbossa, Etalvina Maldonano - A Pilla el Arro

03.  Sin Plomo I'ts You - Dean Mickoski Remix 

04.  Steve Lee - Bring The Drums 

05. Lazarusman, Da Mike - The Thing 

06. Nic Fanciulli - The Return of Mango 

07. Lexa Hill - Hedonism Ep 

08. Max Millan, F,A,T - Maori

09. Dennis Cruz - Watch Where You Walk 

10. Mele - The Panther 

11. El Deep - The Inner Voice 

12.. Dean Mickoski, MistaJam - Afro Moon 

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