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Indulge in this week's episode featuring LA SANTA, the driving force behind Redolent Music, alongside CHUS, a DJ and producer whose creative palette draws from different electronic genres. Fusing these diverse cultural influences has empowered her to craft a distinct and evocative musical essence. Through her work, she forges a remarkable and profound sense of connection, elevating the listener on an inner voyage. Her DJ sets are a symphony of sensitivity, harmony, and an abundant infusion of groove, drums, and ethnic roots.

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Get ready for an incredible Danny Serrano mixtape of the  Podcast! This week, Danny takes the reins, and we've got a scorching lineup of new music for your ears, including his latest EP with Karoo, Echoes an Imagination, already supported by world-class top DJs.


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Osadon steps into the spotlight this week, taking over from CHUS. Up next, we've got fresh tracks from a stellar lineup, including Nick Curly, Eddy M, Alvaro Am, Marlon C, Jasper James, Sante Sansone, Franz Costa, and many more. Plus, don't miss Osadon's latest productions and the scorching hit 'DDD' released on the label. Immerse yourself in the ultimate Stereo sound experience.


01. Ernesto Fereyra - M.Rise
02. Osadon - Step 2
03. Mahoony & Floog - Continued
04. Lisa Lee - When Can I Call You (Tommy Musto & Frankie Bones Remix)
05. Rossi - Pass The Blunt
06. Kevin Corral - Flush Draw
07. Eddy M - Cant Stop This
08. Sante Sansone - Conversion 
09. Franz Costa - Milk
10. Alvaro Am - Close To Me (Jeff Sorkowitz Remix)
11. Nick Curly - Squib
12. Marlon C. Passionate Flow
13. Jasper James - Rise
14. Osadon - Just Say
14. Osadon - DDD


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Get ready to dance with this electrifying 1-hour DJ Chus mix, taken from his latest performance at Night Club Flash in Washington DC. Featuring a dynamic blend of house, techno, and progressive beats, this mix is guaranteed to keep you moving from start to finish. Don't miss out on this unforgettable live set from Papa Chus in one of his favorite venues!

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