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Born in Israel, Shay Dotan is a talented artist known for his captivating tribal house sound. Influenced by psy-trance, acid-house, and techno, he ventured into creating his own electronic music, showcasing a dynamic range across various genres. With record deals and the support of renowned DJs and radio stations, Shay's music continues to captivate fans worldwide.


01. Shay dT- More Rhythm
02. DJ Chus, Joeski, Jimmy Lopez - Creo en Dios
03. Kenny Brian - Te Voy A Dar
04. Joeski - Afrolatinism
05. Cheyne Christian, Nes Mburu - Wakala
06. Shay dT - Peperuka
07. Daniel Steinberg - Lost in the Amazonas
08. Luis Radio, Stefano Guerra - Bazaar (Mijangos & Peppe Citarella Remix)
09. Daniel Rateuke - Wonim
10. Brutal Bill - Destiny (Saliva Commandos Afro Mix)
11. JC Delacruz - Reglas de Congo
12. Shay dT - Afrobeats
13. Mikki Afflick - Da Stankness (An AfflickteD Soul Mix)
14. DJ Wady, MoonDark - Babalua (Afroloko Mix)
15. Shay dT - Hewani
16. Roger Sanchez, Oba Frank Lords - Alma Roja (DJ CHUS Remix)

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La Santa, Live From Miami, is a captivating set that takes you straight to the heart of the Stereo Productions showcase in Miami. La Santa brings the pulsating energy of the event directly to your ears. Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge sounds of La Santa as she curates a seamless blend of house and techno, delivering an unforgettable musical journey, Get ready to dance!


01. Dennis Cruz - Una Rumbita
02. Massive Attack - Girl I Love You (Emi Galvan Unofficial Remix)
03. Berkan & Orkun Bozdemir - Jungle Crossing
04. Tommy Wahl - Itza (CHUS Dark Beat Private Edit)
05. Dennis Cruz - Los Tamales
06. Dave Mayer, Deeplomatik - Hustle Tribes (Deepshakerz Mix)
07. Joeski - A La Vida feat. Xiomara Torres
08. DJ Michael Flume - Agolele (Chus & Ceballos Remix)
09. Bruno Furlan - Bongoloco
10. Tinariwen - Oulahila (Super Flu Edit)
11. Tektonauts, Armandd G - La Aguja (Miami Edit) [Stereo Productions]
12. Bruno Furlan - Vai
13. Dr. Kucho!, Adonis Alvarez - La Tarde Se Ha Puesto Triste feat. Marta Bolanos

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Welcome to the Gareth Cole Music Podcast, Prepare to immerse yourself in a mesmerizing auditory experience curated by the exceptionally talented Gareth Cole. Known for his deep, dark, and hypnotic sound, Gareth has captivated dancefloors worldwide, igniting a frenzy in clubs across the globe.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Gareth Cole's rise in the underground music scene has been nothing short of meteoric. Starting as a revered resident DJ, his unique sound quickly caught the attention of some of the industry's finest tastemakers. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Sasha, Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, and Guy J in his formative years, Gareth was initially captivated by the progressive house sound through legendary mixes such as Global Underground and Transitions. These influences have shaped his musical journey and continue to drive his impeccable selections.

01. Audioglider - Depth Perception (Rigooni Remix)
02. Cocho - Coast Fantasy
03. Atish, Vridian - Instant Transmission (Mihai Popoviciu & Markus Homm Remix)
04. Eduardo McGregor, Mitch Oliver - Striking Vipers
05. Gareth Cole - Courage
06. James Solace - Jungle
07. Danny Serrano - Mantra
08. Pig & Dan, Siavash - Riddler
09. Halo Varga - Future (Guy J Remix)
10. G. Pal, Simon Vuarambon - 3rd of July (Simon Vuarambon Retouch)
11. Gareth Cole - Drawn to the Dark
12. Adrian Hour - What You Need

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A new CHUS podcast episode, recorded live in our beloved Mexico, specifically in Luzy Boom, Guadalajara, the land of tequila, where we have great friends and fans to whom we send a warm hug! Viva Mexico Carnales!

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Danny Serrano is back on the Stereo Productions podcast with an incredible set full of energy and groove, showcasing the signature sound fans have come to expect from the Madrid-based producer and DJ. Featuring his latest EP 'Alegria', which is already making waves among the elite of electronica, this set is not to be missed!

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Sam Holland is a rising star in the world of electronic music, with a string of successful releases on labels such as Four Thirty Two, Club Bad, Too Many Rules, and Knee Deep In Sound. With an affinity for disco and tribal house, Sam's unique sound has gained him a loyal following and bookings from promoters. He recently launched his own HEART + MIND imprint, which has garnered support from industry heavyweights. Sam is a talent to watch in 2023 and beyond. This set includes the track "What Ya Need" by Adrian Hour on Stereo Productions, as well as some of Sam Holland's own productions.


01. Sean Harrington - Let's Get Down
02. Ben Rau - French Plan
03. Sam Holland - Desires
04. Sam Holland - Body Rush
05. Nathan Alzon - Nairobi
06. Unknown
07. Simon Kidzoo - 1 Thang
08. Matrefakt - Love 2 C
09. Rui Da Silva - Touch Me (Peace Division Mix)
10. Adrian Hour - What Ya Need
11. Rennie Pilgrem, BLIM - 2 Freaks (Dub Mix)
12. DJ Tennis - Intercooler
13. Chambray, Laurent Garnier - Feelin' Good (Radio Slave Remix)

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Pomboklap is a passionate and sensitive DJ and producer, who brings energy and transcendence to each of his sets. He is capable of making quick connections on every dance floor, and his eclecticism and groove transform the atmosphere. He is a resident at key clubs and events in Madrid (Lula Club, Istar Club, Lab the Club, After Brunch) and Ibiza, spreading his sound and style at legendary venues such as Cova Santa, Pachá, Akasha, and Beach House, among others. With a house sound influenced by deep, afro, indie, and disco, his sets are a snowball of sensations and musical possibilities. As a producer, he has released music for prominent labels such as Redolent, Hurry Up Slowly, Pipe & Pochet, Deeplomatic, Tortuga Tribes, and Animo Records.

01. Louie Gomez , Marisa Lopez - Stronger Together  (Melo Blanco Remix) / Bassment Tapes
02. Iman Hanzo & Jinadu - For Love / Clepsydra
03. Elias R - With Your / Snatch! Records
04. Amine K - Venus / Stereo Productions
05. Inamo - La Llama (Super Flu Remix) / Truecolors
06. Mendo - Inocencia / Cadenza
07. Made By Pete,Zoe Kypri - Horizon Red / Crostown Rebels
08. Luke Alessi - Everybody Dancing / Thick As Thieves
09. London Grammar - Rooting For You / Roberto Edit
10. Gardenstate - 1995 (Simon Doty´s Housed Upmix) / Anjunabeats
11. Pomboklap - La Culpa Es Mia / Unreleased
12. Stevie Nicks - Edge Of Seventeen (Samantha Loveridge Edit)

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Get ready to dance with this electrifying 1-hour DJ Chus mix, recorded live at Flash DC. Featuring a dynamic blend of house, techno, and progressive beats, this mix is guaranteed to keep you moving from start to finish. Don't miss out on this unforgettable live set from Papa Chus in one of his favorite venues!

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We have reached 500 shows at Stereo Productions Podcast, and for this special occasion, we welcomed our friends, Catz 'N Dogz, the acclaimed Polish DJ and production duo known for their unique blend of house and techno. The pair brought their signature sound, selecting tracks that ranged from deep and moody to high-energy and uplifting with expert mixing and a keen sense of musicality. The set includes our latest release with DJ Chus & Joeski 'Creo en Dios' and remixes and unreleased productions by Catz 'N Dogz.


01. Pegasvs Feat. Xuli - Drinking With My Eyes
02. Fernanda Arrau - March Point (Djs Pareja Remix)
03. Smash TV & Kiki - Flashing Excitement
04. Dj Chus & Joeski - Creo En Dios
05. Chucky73 - Vete y Dile (Catz ’n Dogz Remix)
06. Renato Cohen - Benzine
07. Hessler - Static Samba (Catz ’n Dogz Edit)
08. Sessionn Victim - Motivation
09. Rhode & Brown & Bejamin Frohlich - Days Of Innocence (Bliss Inc. Remix)
10. Catz ’n Dogz - Reincarnation 
11. Giore - El Tiempo
12. Miljon - What Does It Take (Kornel Kovacs Remix)

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Join Sinisa Tamamovic on the Stereo Productions podcast for an immersive journey into the world of electronic music. With his expertly curated selection of techno and house tracks, Sinisa takes listeners on a sonic adventure that is both captivating and energizing.

01. Adrian Hour – Spoiler Boom / Stereo Productions
02. Roy Rosenfeld, Khen – Milongi / Lost Miracle
03. Agus O – Fresh Minds / Mindshake Records
04. Olivier Giacomotto – Daylight’s Delight / Yoshitoshi Recordings
05. Sinisa Tamamovic – Upside Down / Unreleased
06. Vibor – Amnesia / Night Light Records
07. D-Unity, Juli Aristy – Suena Mas Fuerte / Tronic
08. Chus & Ceballos – Go On! – Sinisa Tamamovic Remix / Unreleased
09. Sinisa Tamamovic – Deep Breath / Unreleased
10. Adam Ten, Mita Gami – High On / Crosstown Rebels
11. Gary Beck – Where Are You Going / Trick
12. Sinisa Tamamovic – Freeze Your Mind / Unreleased
13. Close Relative – Salt / Truesoul
14. Sinisa Tamamovic – Calls / Unreleased
15. Reiym, Oscar L – Shadows of Desire / Stereo Productions

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Yulia Niko is a DJ, producer, and label owner originally from Russia, but based in New York City. She has gained international recognition for her unique blend of techno and house music, and her productions have been released on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, and Watergate.

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Welcome to the Stereo Productions podcast! We are thrilled to have a special guest mix from the talented Ronnie Spiteri. With his unique blend of driving beats and emotive melodies, Ronnie has been making waves in the electronic music scene. In this mixtape, Ronnie takes us on a journey through the underground sounds of techno and house, featuring a selection of his own productions as well as tracks from some of his favorite artists. Notably, the mix includes his latest release on the label Hypnotise EP

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Get ready for another episode of the Stereo Productions podcast as CHUS returns with a thrilling set recorded live at It'll Do Club in Dallas. Known for his signature sound, CHUS delivers a seamless blend of groovy basslines, infectious beats, and soulful vocals that will keep you moving from start to finish. Tune in and let CHUSs take you on a journey through the sounds of the underground.

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Oscar L is a highly acclaimed DJ and producer hailing from Spain. With over two decades of experience in the electronic music scene, he has become a renowned figure in the industry, with a reputation for delivering electrifying sets that get crowds moving, he has also established himself as a prolific producer, with releases on some of the most respected labels.

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PAUZA is a groundbreaking Cuban electronic duo composed of two female artists, Zahira Sánchez and Paula Fernández. With their unique blend of house music, Latin rhythms, and Cuban folklore, they have reimagined and revitalized the Cuban musical traditions into new electronic sounds.

01. PAUZA ft Arema - Caliente
02. Apaga La Laz_(Pablo Fierro Afro Latino Remix)
03. Kofla - Tranquilo Bobi
04. Malone & PAUZA - Muy Bien
05. Azucar (PAUZA REMIX) Extended
06. Exotic - Shake It Out
07. DJ Elias - Burnin Drums On Fire (PAUZA Remix)
08. Emmanuel Jal - Hey Mama
09. PAUZA, Cristian Vinci - Sonido De Calle
10. Jimmix, Pauza - Papito Ft. Hilda Candela
11. Juan Luis Guerra - Vale La Pena (Kofla Edit)
12. Ricardo Criollo House - Animal Voices


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Hola Hola Amigos, welcome back to the Stereo Productions Podcast. This week, we are heading to Parklife Festival in Viña Del Mar, Chile, for a fantastic Day 1 event with The Klan, attended by more than 10,000 people.

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After being exposed to House music of the 90's, Barcelona based Piem was destined to journey into the world of underground music. These early musical experiences helped to shape Piem into a favourite on the Barcelona club scene with a residency at W Barcelona. Meanwhile, locking himself away in his studio honing his sound, Piem's dedication continues to pay off with releases on well revered labels; Stereo Productions, Knee Deep in Sound, Relief, Crosstown Rebels, Sola Nauts, Repopulate Mars, Nothing Else Matters...

01. Tuccillo - Es Fanki 
02. Anotr - Dancing In Secret 
03. Jordan Peak - Turbulence 
04. Tiptoes - Put Sum Down On It 
05. Honey Dijon - The Mixologist (Piem Remix)
06. Piem - Freak Out 
07. Danny Snowden - Past the Point of Return
08. Marco Lys - I’m Not Good For You 
09. Piem - Day & Night 
10. Piem & Crusy - Snap It Feat. Might Delete Later 
11. Mant & Todd Edwards - Provenance
12. SRVD - Brotha
13. Piem - Boy Don’t

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Originally from Ukraine, now based in Dubai. Olly performs in different genres with charisma and energy that spreads throughout the dancefloor, making every performance a success!


01. Demetra ,Lafreq - Miami Funk
02. Rampa, Keinemusik, Chuala - Les Gout
03. Pablo Fierro - Tembo
04. Augusto Yepes, Calussa - Bayamo
05. DJ Chus -  Underwater
06. Eelke Kleijn, Joris Voorn - Transmission - Joris Voorn Remix
07. Ben Kyps - Susurrame
08. Olly Klars - Full Moon
09. Simone Vitullo, Emanuele Esposito, Brigitte Wickens - I Put A Spell On You
10. Offer Nissim, Mr.Black, Joezi - Mucho Bien (Joezi Remix)
11. Arkadyan, Safar (Fr), Manoo - Tulila
12. Ameme - Balafonerra


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Hola Hola Amigos, welcome back to the stereo productions podcast. This week, we’re traveling to the old city of Guatemala, La Antigua de Guatemala, for a fantastic event of Stereo - Redolent Tribes at the land of the volcanos.

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Dean Mickoski is a multi-talented music producer, DJ, and entertainer living in New York City. Dean is dedicated to creating unique beats and captivating compositions. He specializes in deep house and tech house, and his ambitious, irresistible productions make him a nightclub's mainstay. This week's episode is hosted by DEAN MICKOSKI, featuring Dj Chus, Dean Mickoski ft Uhura - On Me - Malone Remix, and the brand new Dj Chus, Dean Mickoski - Panamera on Hurry Up Slowly!


01. Dean Mickoski - Colombiana 
02. Dj Chus, Dean Mickoski ft Uhura - On Me - Malone Remix 
03. Harry Romero - Aye Papi
04. Ohmme - Excess
05. Band&Dos - Perdido
06. Dj Chus, Dean Mickoski - Panamera 
07. Katz - Run it
08. Mele - Brooklyn Bounce 
09. Daddy's Groove & Ferdy - Latido 
10. Marco lys ft F Farrukh Sunshine
11. Warrior ft Nomvula Sa - Timanti
12. Mason Collective - Leave Me Alone

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Born in Switzerland, Philipp spends most of his time in the studio trying to develop new sounds. When discussing his creative process, it is mostly about synths and other sound generators. His debut single was Shingalin on Global Underground, which caused quite a stir. One of his career highlights was the Cosmic Dance Remix for Kellerkind, released on Stil Vor Talent.

01. Dario D’Attis - Breaks for Piece
02. Hector Couto, Danny Serrano - Ah Me End
03. David Herrero - Tierra
04. Italobros - Rey 
05. The Machine - Get Together (DJ Chus Mix) 
06. DJ Chus - Between Us feat. Velvet Voice (Redondo Remix) 
07. Fabio Ferro - Still Fly 
08. DJ Chus - Malestack (Mathias Kaden Remix) 
09. Felipe Puertes - Silver Stripes 
10. Domy Berardino, Francesco Tarantini - Mama Afrika (The Deepshakerz Remix)
11. Felipe Puertes - Everyone Has A Story

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The Spanish artist Alain Fanegas and Argentinian Tomy Wahl grace Stereo Productions Podcast with an exclusive set. They include his forthcoming Eslabon EP in Stereo, 'Desde mi Ventana Remix' and some unreleased tracks.


01. Tomy Wahl - Thermal
02. Tomy Wahl & Alain Fanegas - Shade
03. Tomy Wahl - Goa
04. Tomy Wahl & Alain Fanegas - One
05. Tomy Wahl - Out Of My Mind
06. Tomy Wahl - Distroboy
07.Grazze & Sosandlow - Desde mi ventana (Tomy Wahl & Alain Fanegas Remix)
08. Tomy Wahl - Vagator
09. Tomy Wahl & Alain Fanegas - Eslabon
10. Alain Fanegas - Impulse
11. Tomy Wahl & Alain Fanegas - Absence

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On this week's episode CHUS live from Chicago at Primary, where you can hear exclusive upcoming tracks from CHUS & Stereo Productions. Don't miss this show!

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Guatemalan brothers Tektonauts', With releases in Stereo Productions, Nervous, Safe Music, and Made In Miami, to name a few, and supported by top DJs. Placing several of their songs in the top 100 of Beatport, without a doubt, they are consolidated as one of the most extraordinary talents of Central America.


01. Tinlicker - Healing Forest
02. Facundo Mohrr - The Snake Poetry
03. ARKADYAN - Tulila (Manoo Remix)
04. The Angels - Jaguar
05. Klaudius feat. Oluhle - White Tiger
06. Maya - Solita
07. Shay DT - Bomu
08. Flaminik - Xhango
09. DJ Patisso - Ajuna
10. Peppe Citarella & Mijangos - Bongo Bonga feat. Enrie Becquer (Bonus Afro Latin Beat)
11. DJ Chus, Malone, Dean Mickoski - On Me feat. Uhura (Malóne Remix)
12. Allan Nunez, Tektonauts - Yerba Mala
13. Bruno Kauffmann - Crush (Dear Mila Extended Remix)
14. Tektonauts, Armandd G - Retumba
15. Tektonauts, Armandd G - El Salsero
16. Andrew Meller - Janzi

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With almost 20 years of career Mayze X Faria is the best Portuguese duo that travels within the genres with which they most identify: Melodic Tech, Melodic House, and Tech House taking the vibe and feeling of true artists of the electronic music scene across borders.


01. Mayze X Faria - Garota
02. Ahmed Spins Stevo Atambire - Anchor Point
03. Safar FR - Exorce
04. Orbital - Belfast (Yotto Remix)
05. AEYEM & Lakyn - Reach The Water (Super Flu Remix)
06. Rinzen, Enamour - Miracle Of The Sun
07. Parra for Cuva - Her Entrance (Innellea's Interstellar Remix)
08. The Element MT, Lyke - Fugitive
09. Solee - Bariel
10. Guzzk - Passion
11. WhoMadeWho, Rampa - UUUU

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A talented DJ & Producer, Elvis Elezaj, aka &LEZ, is persistent, focused, and determined to pursue the right sound. He has unleashed a string of genre-straddling releases across several labels (Moblack, Connaisseur, Connected, Radiant, Mindshake Records, Bosom Records, DHB Belgium, and Visile Records), which have gathered support from several recognized Top DJs. This set contains the REIYM - Unfurl released on Redolent Music.

01. Robin M - Maina (FNX Omar Remix) / MoBlack
02. Aytiwan feat. Nes Mburu - Ilanga (Enoo Napa Remix)
03. Kgzoo - Vulture
04. Jimi Jules - My City's On Fire (&LEZ Interpretation)
05. Miguel Payda - Night At The Kaleidoscope / Moodmusic
06. DJ Merlon and Enoo Napa - Two Zulu Men In Ibiza 
07. Sebjak - Nobody Lives There / Bibliotheque
08. SuperSonic - The Beginning of SuperSonic 
09. REIYM - Unfurl (Vocal Mix) / REDOLENT
10. Black Circle feat. Bobbi Fallon - Reasons

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On this week's episode CHUS live from NYC at Club Musica, where you can hear exclusive upcoming tracks from CHUS & Stereo Productions. Don't miss this show. The set includes the forthcoming CHUS release, Dean Mickoski called 'Panamera' in Harry Up Slowly, and the latest CHUS release on Stereo Productions 'Underwater.'


01. DJ Chus, Dean Mickoski - Panamera
02. Ameme - Beat It (Joeski Remix)
03. Etch (Eg) - Bartlet
04. That Kid Chris - Girlfriend
05. Fex (It) - Tribalica
06. Emmaculate - Higher Vibrations (Mac’s Afro Sax Mix)
07. Carl Cox - Dr. Funk (Riva Starr Mo’funk Remix)
08. Dj Chus - Underwater
09. Todd Terry - This Is The Sound
10. Sllash & Dope - Aguella
11. Stefano Ranieri - Taste Of The Future
12. Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey 
13. Tinariwen - Oulahila (Super Flu Mix)

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Music has the ability to tame the wild beasts, but it is also capable of revolutionising the caves. The Spanish duo SOSANDLOW know this well. Their trust in groove and love for electronic music and club culture have materialised in a doctrine that continues to gain followers.


01. Perel - Matrix (Sofia Kourtesis Remix)
02. O.N.O. - Modern Dance (Yuksek Remix)
03. Benjamin Frohlich - Dance Tool (Original Mix)
04. Depaart - Bitergliter_(Original Mix)
05. Erol Alkan - Automatic (Palms Trax Remix)
06. SOSANDLOW, Grazze - Desde mi ventana (Original mix)
07. Samer Soltan - Agnes (Ivory Re-Funk Remix)
08. Sabo, Noema - Daikato (DJ T. Remix)
09. Hot Chip - Down (Sworn Virgins Remix)
10. Dam Swindle - Good Woman (Original mix)
11. K&M - Funk and Drive - Ensoniq 005 Mix 1993
12. Teemon&Poomba - Nine Bad Decisions ft Antinoë (SOSANDLOW Remix)
13. Ben Gomori - Nothing Happens Before 2am (Explicit Mix) 
14. Enduro Disco - Ciao (Biesmans Remix)

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Bursting onto the scene in late 2021, KeeQ is one of the underground dance music scene's brightest new prospects. His style can be described as a hybrid between house and techno with tribal and emotive elements, with KeeQ highlighting Nic Fanciulli, HotSince 82, Mele, DJ Chus, Steve Lawler, and Nick Curly as influences to his production style.


01. Danny Serrano - Mantra / Stereo Productions
02. KeeQ - Sweet Little Nothing / Saved Records
03. Leftwing:Kody - With My Body feat. Isis Salam / Moon Habour
04. The Beginerz - Reckless Girl / Cheeky Records
05. KeeQ - Keep An Eye / Saved Records
06. Manu Gonzalez - Sexy Thing (Black Circle & Matthias Tanzmann Remix) / Moon Habour
07. KeeQ - Infinite / Circus Recordings
08. James Organ - Spirit Of Sheba / Circus Recordings
09. KeeQ ft Tamara Blessa - ID
10. KeeQ - Axel / Hurry Up Slowly
11. IDQ - Boarderline (KeeQ Remix) / Circus Recordings
12. DJ Chus - Underwater / Stereo Productions



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With more than 25 years of deejaying and producing career, D-FORMATION is one of the Spanish most respected electronic music artists worldwide. Owner of the BEATFREAK RECORDINGS, the first Spanish underground electronic music label since 1997.

Direct download: D-FORMATION__LIVE_FROM_BERLIN__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_479.mp3
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In this week's show, CHUS live from Cairo, Egypt, where you can listen exclusive the new forthcoming release from Stereo Productions by Danny Serrano 'Mantra', Don't miss the show!

01. Djuma Soundsystem, Out Of Sorts - Cicadian Lore
02. Black Circle - Double Dip
03. Davi - Lie Machine
04. Tomy Wahl, Alain Fanegas - Malawi
05. Addfx, Dood - Jingo
06. Ali Termos & Salvo Migliorini - Ederlezi (Amir Telem Remix)
07. Odasoul - Mahaba
08. Haze-M - Sakamouti
09. Joe Goddard - Music Is The Answer (Hot Since 82 Remix)
10. Alex Twin, Paul Svenson - Karuneshh (Stereo Express Remix)
11. Shm, The Weeknd - Moth To A Flame (Adriatique Remix)
12. Sparrow & Barbossa - Yeke (Enzo Siffredi Remix)
13. Danny Serrano - Mantra

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In their music, Sparrow & Barbossa combine organic sounds with electronic influences. While Bryan brings the freshness of modern sounds and melodies, Emiliano fine-tunes the rhythmic part and brings his knowledge built up throughout the years. Globe-trotters who transmit ethnic and lost cultures through electronic music, they are true lovers of ethnic and lost cultures.

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Oscar L is one of the most important names in the Spanish electronic scene. He is defined by his personality, perseverance, and energy, qualities that are also found in his distinctive sound, a mix of influences and peculiarities that have caught the attention of some of the world's most significant labels, like Stereo, Truesoul, Suara, among others, all connoisseurs of the talent and effectiveness of the Spanish artist's productions.

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GRAZZE is in love with music, nature, and the magic of the night. By producing in different styles, his versatile sound has evolved with each song while maintaining his essence and identity. His deepest side is currently exploring and developing a more elegant and emotive approach. Furthermore, he is also using ethnic and dynamic elements to create "club" sounds.

01. GRAZZE, Sosandlow - Desde mi ventana
02. D-Formationj, Lonya - Sonder (Darksidevinyl Remix)
03. Balaveda Balarama - Albatron
05. GRAZZE, Chris Luno - ID
06. GRAZZE - Reach Out 
07. Anikey - Higher & Higher 
08. GRAZZE, Altreal - ID
09. GRAZZE, 88Birds - ID
10. ALAR & Evka - I get what i want
11. GRAZZE, Altreal - ID
12. Dum K - Dream

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In this week's show, CHUS plays his last hour at Club Nor, Rhodes, Greece, where you can hear his new release from Stereo Productions 'Underwater', a stunning track!, as well as other CHUS edits. Enjoy!

01. Dj Chus - Underwater
02. Tears For Fears - Shout (Chus Cercley Edit)
03. Oscar L - Universal Love (Reiym Mix)
04. Dj Chus, Dennis Cruz - The Sun (Chus Finally Edit) 
05. Arodes, Moojo - Reborn (Chus My City On Fire Edit)
06. Betoko, Haze-M - Rebirth
07. Highjacks - Carbon
08. Dj Pierre - I Feel Love (Monkey Safari Remix)
09. Adam Port - Forms Of Love
10. Moojo, Gabsy - Vamonos
11. Diplo, Damian Lazarus - Don’t Be Afraid (Cioz Free Remix)
12. Queen - Rado Ga Ga (Shai T Revisited Mix)

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Born and raised in South Africa, Floyd Lavine is an ‘African Nomadʼ, an Artist of a new African generation. His passion for electronic music is deeply rooted, influenced by African rhythms and predominantly focuses on grooves which he describes as essences of the African soul. The spirit and sensuality of his sound have gained him acclaimed recognition.

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Born with a heart for the beat, Amine K is Morocco’s ambassador for electronic music. Amine’s self-prescribed job description is to put a smile on people’s faces by sharing his music, be that as a DJ or through his productions, happiness is at the core of everything he does.

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Hailing from Egypt and based in Vienna, Darksidevinyl is an artist with formidable talent. Darksidevinyl creates a fusion of contemporary Afro Sounds with progressive and captivating melodies. An artist with one foot in the current and one step forward with a fresh direction. Producing since 1998 and spinning a long time before, Darksidevinyl has won over many of his local clubs and events with his special blend of Afro-Progressive and Groovy Tech House sound.


01. Notre Dame - Rumor 
02. Sebjak - Aguacero
03. REIYM - Unfurl
04. Darksidevinyl & Benjy - Nala
05. EREZ & SAPPHIRE - Maybe
06. Joezi - Nocturnal
07. NonCitizens - Lost Trumpet In Space
08. Kashovski & Abel Ray - The Same
09. Darksidevinyl & Ucha - Another Brick on the wall
10. Gespona & NonReal - Akiris
11. & Paul Brenning – Reasons

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CHUS has returned to Montreal, one of his favorite cities out of the world, to play at Newspeak, an incredibly intimate club where he played from house to techno, drums always present in the way he loved to do it, play it loud! Sed Buenos!

01. Sam Paganini - Flash Feat. Zøe
02. Rafael Cerato, Goom Gum - Rock It
03. Goom Gum, Niki4 - Holi
04. Gruuv Element’s - Boom Room
05. Goom Gum - Starboy
06. Ubbah, Brigado Crew - Time Moves On
07. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Chus Private Edit)
08. Oscar L - Anima
09. Omri Smadar, Roy Shpilman - Adama
10. Collective States - Harga
11. Bontan - Ayo
12. Cristoph Feat. Awen - Time
13. Highjacks - Carbon

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Armandd G, is an entrepreneur, promoter, DJ, and former club owner, with 15 years of career in electronic music in Guatemala. He started contributing to the scene as a promoter opening plenty of legendary and renowned nightclubs, where he has hosted renowned artists from many genres. As a result of his trajectory, Armandd G signed in some labels, such as Stereo Productions, Habitat Label, Xima Records, Nervous, Incorrect music, Klaphouse records, Worms Records, 1994 music, and Serranos Kitchen.

01. Rocco Rodamaal - Tbt3 (Dario D'Attis Remix)
02. Wilgenis Vergara - Evolucion
03. Aaron Sevilla, Rumple - Energias
04. Ramy Mishriky - Mafqoud (Dj Chus Remix)
05. Armandd G - La Cumbae
06. Tektonauts, Armandd G - La Luna
07. Pablo Fierro - King del Bongo
08. Armandd G, Tektonauts - Retumba
09. Rumple - Mystic Arrow (Armandd G Remix)
10. Emanuele Esposito, Gianni Romano - Ay como Hago feat. Anlly Marin, Yimala
11. Duck & Doc - We Love
12. Diego Straube, Armandd G - You Gotta Go (Jordan Gill remix)
13. Hoten - Across the Ocean (Dj Chus remix)
14. The Gabe Concept - Tara

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Danny Serrano is one of electronic music's most exciting up-and-comers, effortlessly balancing a will to experiment with an unwavering commitment to the founding spirit of House. Danny has notched up a series of high-profile releases, including releases on labels such as Stereo Productions, Desolat, Moon Harbour, Relief, Knee Deep In Sound, Circus Recordings, Get Physical, Bouq, Viva Music, Truesoul, 8bit, Intec, Saved Records and many more...


01. &ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Keinemusik, Sofie - Discoteca (Keinemusik)
02. Made By Pete, Savage & SHē - Zion
03. Jamie Stevens - Circle
04. Audiojack - Pusher (8bit Records)
05. Magic System & Francis Mercier - Premier Gaou (Spinnin Deep)
06. Danny Serrano - The Sun Dance (Einmusika)
07. Durante - Once Again (Street Tracks)
08. Kellerkind - Bring The Good Mood Back (Sascha Cawa Remix) (KLE)
09. Bassement Jaxx - Fly Life (Paco Osuna Remix) (Mindshake)
10. Christian Nielsen - Neighborhood (Dyinamic)
11. Adrian Hour - Spoiler Boom (Stereo Productions)
12. Jam Blomqvist - Back in the Taxi (AMEME Midnight Remix) (Armada)
13. Phonique & Bakka - Unexpected (Scoom Legacy Remix)

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Addicted to DRUMS and slave to the Dark Beat, Oscar G, the pioneering producer, award-winning songwriter, and world-renowned DJ has cemented his status as an icon in the international house music scene over the past 25 years.

Tracklist Not Available

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CHUS returns live from New York at Brooklyn Mirage in an amazing  HEROES event with Danny Tenaglia, Victor Calderone, and Oscar G. This is the first part of the set; for the full set, visit CHUS Mixcloud page. House music all weekend long!

01. Candido - Jingo (Alan Dixon Remix)
02. Senzala - Reheat
03. Mark Picciotti - I Believe Feat. Suzanne Palmer (Harry’s Deep In Jersey Dub Mix)
04. David Herrero, Ben A - Native Drum
05. Cajmere, Gene Farris - Gimme Your Luv
06. Riva Starr - Body Movin’ (Chus Real2Real Private Edit)
07. Ann Nesby - Can I Get A Witness (Mousse T’s Funk 2000 Mix)
08. Joy Marquez, Ani Phearce - Yemaya Umbao (Phearce Soul Amour Mix)
09. Ariano Kina, Toto La Momposina - Tu Tambor
10. Rene Amesz - Worthless Tv (Chus Tribalism Private Edit)
11. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Chus Private Edit)
12. Dj Flume - Agolele (Chus & Ceballos Remix)
13. Gruuv Elements - Boom Room
14. Rodrigo Laffert - Sacrilegio
15. Ministers De La Funk - Believe Feat. Jocelyn Brown

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ENDO has unleashed his patented brand of harmonic mixing at events across the globe: Pacha, Marquee, Cielo, Sound, Coda in Toronto, Stereo, Spybar, Heart, Sands, Club Vertigo, as well as BPM Festival. He has played alongside John Digweed, DJ Craze, Roc Raida, Victor Calderone, Danny Tenaglia, Carl Cox, Chus & Ceballos, Eric Prydz, to name just a few.

01. Monolake - Error [Imbalance Computer Music]
02. Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino (Acapella) 
03. Lemon & Herb, Jorja Smith, GuiltyBeatz - All of This (Lemon & Herb Remix) [FAMM]
04. Lazarusman, Neil Amarey - The Summer of Your Life [My Other Side of the Moon]
05. DSF, VICTHOR - Luna [TRYBESof]
06. Lost Desert - Whiteout Days [Hoomidaas]
07. Pysh, Lazarusman, Bondar - Say Yes [Atmosphere Records]
08. Kaz James - Footprints (Extended Mix) [Another Record Label]
09. Street Slang - Feeling The Space [Nervous Records]
10. Yousef, CamelPhat - April [Knee Deep In Sound]
11. Franky Wah, AR/CO - Under The Sun (Extended Mix) [Terracotta Records]
12. Raphael Mader - Blinding [Renaissance Records]
13. Roland Clark, David Guetta, MORTEN - Alive Again (Extended Mix) [Musical Freedom]
14. Mozaik (FR) - Movement [Eklektisch]
15. AVNU (UK) - Systematic [Ellum]

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La Santa was born in Madrid, Spain, under the Sagittarius sign. Daughter of the sun, a sensitive soul, eclectic Dj & modern music producer. La Santa has been influenced by Classical Music, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Soul, and World Music. This amalgamation of cultures allowed her to blend them into a unique scent. She creates a unique and extraordinary sense of belonging, enhanced through an inner journey.

01. Adrian Hour - Those Kids
02. Augusto Yepes, Calussa - Bayamo
03. Calussa - Nara
04. THC, Pana, Javi Alvado - You Know
05. Taylor - Mr. Pablo
06. J. Casablanca, Buhoo - Acido
07. Dj Dep - Hadapequeña (Tini Garcia Remix)
08. Carloh - Ritmo Rico
09. Moojo - Vamonos
10. Monkey Safari - Artifact
11. Nitos Tulum - Campesinos
12. VITTRO - Agua Vital
13. Michael Bibi - La Murga (Michael's Midnight Mix)
14. DJ Chus, Dennis Cruz - The Sun

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Recently noted as a rising star, George Aponte a.k.a Saliva Commandos is no novice to the New York underground scene. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY he was both exposed and influenced at a pivotal time in music history and dance.

01. Hector Morales - Alma
02. Tovi Sound System - Voices in The Dark
03. FKA Mash & Sio - Bumble Bee
04. Saliva Commandos - Everything
05. Rick Lenoir - Get with it
06. Riva Star - Maria (Carl Cox Remix)
07. Saliva Commandos - Reed Scat
08. Mele - Talking Drum ft. Toure Kunda
09. Saliva Commandos - Brazoliah
10. Afrokillerz, Allis. - Nha Manera
11. Saliva Commandos - Silence is Guilt

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Oscar de Rivera has a long and successful career, over 30 years, made with constancy, quality, and self-confidence. Oscar evolves perfectly around all the various Electronic music styles, playing from Deep to the most Underground House.


01. Jacob Groening - Nican Feat. Joy Tyson (Unders & Noraj Cue Remix)
02. Amine K - Apollo
03. David Morales & Timmy Regisford Feat.Toshi - Nini, Pt. 2 - (Red Zone Mix)
04. Noncitizens - Lost Trumpet In Space
05. Yør Kultura - Shimming
06. Capoon - Henna
07. Senzala - Sit Down
08. Danny Tenaglia - Ohno (The Air Raid
09. Stoim - Ego (Echo Deep Remix)
10. D-Formation & Saccao - Ares
11. Cerebral - Titan (Bastinov Remix)
12. Hvob - Butter (Floyd Lavine Remix)

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Vanjee is a versatile electronic music DJ and producer who has been a recognizable force on the scene for more than two decades. He can draw in a crowd with intimate house music sets or blast out marathon tech-house at powerhouse clubs and festivals. 

Tracklist Not Available

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Hola Hola Stereo Adictos! CHUS is taking you to the deeper sounds at Forest Carnival Festival in Bulgaria, where he performed a few weeks ago in a magical place where beautiful souls gather to celebrate life and freedom. Showtime with el maestro.

01. Sole - Pink Panther
02. Los Cabra - Deseado
03. Maya - Solita 
04. Band&Dos, Donelli - Cafe Molido
05. Moojo - Vamonos Feat. Gabsy
06. Dj Chus, Amine K - Besos
07. Rick Silva - Voices
08. Armandd G - La Cumbae
09. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Chus Private Edit)
10. Benedetti - Magdalena (Yaku Means Water Remix)
11. Davi - Lie Machine
12. Rodrigo Laffert - Sacrilegio
13. Calamar Crew - Guapa (Chus I’ll House U Private Edit)
14. Hoten - Across The Ocean (Dj Chus Remix)


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Dean Mickoski is New York's top House DJ Star. Spinning and producing different facets of House Music, merging Deep and Tech House, Dean is on a vengeance to solve the world’s hunger for creative and unique compositions.

01. Hot Since 82, Jem Cooke - Buggin (Jorvav Remix)
02. Markus Homm - Casino
03. Collective Machine - Soul Vibe
04. Simon Duty - In Your Feelings
05. John Summit - Stronger
06. Danish - Rise
07. Diezzera - No Miren A Juan
08. Mahony - Poterasi 15 (Fer Br Remix)
09. Collective Machine - Everyone Poison
10. Kaz James, Nick Morgan - Dazed

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Grasso & Maxim are outstanding Colombian DJ duos, producers, and remixers. Their music has been released on big labels, and top DJs around the world support them. Incredible Tech sounds from these talented boys


01. Hot Since 82, Jem Cooke - Buggin (Jorvav Remix)
02. Markus Homm - Casino
03. Collective Machine - Soul Vibe
04. Simon Duty - In Your Feelings
05. John Summit - Stronger
06. Danish - Rise
07. Diezzera - No Miren A Juan
08. Mahony - Poterasi 15 (Fer Br Remix)
09. Collective Machine - Everyone Poison
10. Kaz James, Nick Morgan - Dazed

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CHUS is back to his House Music Roots with a frenetic live show recorded recently at La Terrrazza in Barcelona for Jackie's Party! 
Jacking, Movin' & Groovin' with DJ CHUS. Showtime, Play it loud and Enjoy it!

03. MAW - WORK

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Born in Malaga, Caravaca´s style travels across house, tech house, and other sub-genres of house, afro melodic and techno. Smooth, lively, and playful, his sound brings about a fantastic deep journey embracing a dark but seductive atmosphere with massive basslines.

01. Sabo & Hot Oasis - Bakhu (Dj Chus Remix)
02. Metrika & Sabo - Imagine feat. Basel Khoury (Abel Ray Remix)
03. Band&dos - La Montaña
04. Joeski - Mother Africa
05. FEX (IT) - Viaggio Astrale
06. The Deepshakerz & Rion S - Sirens
07. Lucky Soda - Cry
08. Trekkah & Hardihood - Uzima feat. Tina Ardor
09. Caravaca - Tree of My Shadow
10. Moojo - Healing

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Energetic, percussion-driven groove, dark sounds, and rich melodies; a journey amongst the suburbs of house. That’s how HOTEN describes his sound, but his music and live performances speak for themselves. With releases on Stereo Productions, Knee Deep In Sound, and more, the Sydney-based DJ and producer HOTEN has reached the ears of many A-List names, receiving support from the industry’s most influential artists.

01. Collective States - Harga
02. Dan Buri & Packim - Muthupumi (NenaHalena Remix)
03. Dosem - Both Selected
04. Cream - Endoro
05. Collective States - The Rift
06. Betoko & Aaron Suiss - Paralyz
07. Adi Dassler - Erebos
08. Chris Child - Jolly Roger
09. Myla - Action
10. Anton Dodger & Efim Kerbut - Gorgon
11. Hoten - 29 Summers (D-Nox, Nine One Remix)
12. Guzzk - Passion (Dub Mix)
13. Enamour, Rinzen - Miracle of the Sun
14. KIDSØ - Finja’ (Peer Kusiv Remix)

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ARODES sets forth on a mission with his attempt to make us re-connect, and fundamentally at its core, to make us feel more. Even though his music belongs to the underground scene, his melodic engaging sound is enjoyable for any kind of ear. Deep and sincere music. Currently, ARODES shares his residency between the magical island of Ibiza and Miami.

01. Djeff - Difficult feat. Josh Milan (Sparrow & Barbossa Remix)
02. Caiiro - Zukku
03. Ahmed Spins, Arodes - Tanguita Tanguita
04. Native P. - The Lion Song
05. Leo Guardo - Mukuthandwana (Instrumental Mix)
06. Klement Bonelli - Police
07. DJ Weather - In Africa
08. WhoMadeWho, Rampa - UUUU
09. Arodes - Storm
10. Los Tambores Te Llaman (Acapella)
11. Kid Bamboo - Alma Negra
12. Arodes - Lunar
13. Drizzy Sam - Uthando Lungihlulile feat. OHP Sage & Puntsa (Kintar Remix)

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Chus is back again with a live recorded show from one of his four days Chile Tour. Enjoy the show!


01. Mousse T. - Join (Butch Remix)
02. Fer Br - Against The Rules
03. Super Flu - Really Really
04. Ango Tamarin - The Sky Might Fall
05. Waff - Love
06. Blackchild - Keep The Secret
07. Maik Jhony - Purfect
08. Luca Donzelli - Bottle Of Truth
09. Nik Denton - Dip It Raw
10. Fisher - Palm Beach Banga
11. Jimi Jules - My City’s On Fire
12. Monkey Safari - Safe (Joris Voorn Remix)
13. Hoten - Across The Ocean (Chus Remix)

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Band&Dos define themselves as a combination of Passion, Talent & Technique. This talented dj-producer duo from Caracas, Yirvin and Luis, decide to unite their knowledge and skills on Musical Production to represents the new electronic wave in Venezuela. Keep an eye to these guys!

01. Band&Dos - Marimblack (Original Mix) [Tortuga]
02. Aaron Sevilla , Lizwi , Dbasser - Tobelani (Band&Dos Remix) [Nervous Records]
03. Tayllor - Rumba (Original Mix)[Wired]
04. Carlos Domínguez - Lost My Mind(Original Mix)[Tortuga]
05. Alain Diamond, Band&Dos ,Calussa - Paulette(Original Mix) [Hurry Up Slowly]
06. Wilgenis Vergara - El Español (Original Mix)[Triangular Recordings]
07. Band&Dos, Andrés Guerra (VE) - El Santo (Original Mix)[Redolent]
08. Mrodriguez, Elejota Santos - Tijuana de Noche(Original Mix)[Sunset Gathering]
09. Band&Dos - La Montaña (Original Mix)[Triangular Recordings]
10. The Angels - Feeling Good (Band&Dos Remix)[HMWL]
11. Sparrow & Barbossa - Pata Pata(Original Mix) [Tortuga]
12. Calussa,Sebastián Rivero - San Juan (Band&Dos Remix) [Hurry Up Slowly]
13. Band&Dos, Andres Guerra -  El Santo [Redolent] 

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Reiym aka Oscar L is one of the essential names of the Spanish electronic scene. Personality, perseverance, and energy define him and are qualities that are also found in his particular sound, a combination of influences and peculiarities that have caught the attention of the best labels on the globe, such as Stereo, Truesoul, Suara, amongst others, all of them being connoisseurs of the talent and the effectiveness that the productions of the Spanish artist reunite.

Direct download: REIYM_aka_OSCAR_L__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_451.mp3
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Chus is back again with a live recorded mix at Downtown Hotel Rooftop in Tulum, Enjoy the show!

01. Ruben Mandolini - Romantica
02. Super Flu, Angelov - Erq
03. Ucha, Darksidevinyl - Zaiana
04. Eliana Pittman - Quem Vai Querer (Ednner Soares Mix)
05. 2030, Takiru - Sour Heart
06. Steve Ward, Sean V - Chartreuse Verte (Technasia Remix)
07. Dennis Cruz - El Puma
08. Made By Pete, Penny F - Safe House
09. Ronald Christoph - Take Off, Baby!
10. Nice7 - Everything, Everything 
11. Renato Cohen - Drum Solo
12. Nice7 - Bassline Soldiers
13. Keene - Legendary Mother
14. Rodrigo Laffertt - Sacrilegio

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When talking about South American electronic music artists, there is one that leads the pack: his name is Adrian Hour, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having been producing music from an early age, Adrian is now taking the world stage by storm with a run of stand-out releases on some of the world's leading underground labels.

01. Adam Shelton, Subb-an - Only Now (Akufen Remix)
02. subb-an - hypno
03. Bangana - Dead End (D'Julz Remix - Jerome Sydenham Special Edit)
04. Roy Ayers feat. Terri Wells - Holiday (Ben Rau Meta Remix)
05. Guti - Hope
06. iO (Mulen) - Flirt
07. Adrian Hour - Spoiler Boom
08. Unknown Artist - Something Else
09. Adrian Hour - Those Kids
10. Saliva Commandos - Sidewalk
11. Sam Holland - Does It Feel
12. Leon (Italy) - Disco 3000
13. Adrian Hour - Seconds  

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With more than 25 years of deejaying and producing career, D-FORMATION is one of the Spanish most respected electronic music artists worldwide. Owner of the BEATFREAK RECORDINGS, the first Spanish underground electronic music label since 1997.

01. Made By Pete, Savage & SHē – Too Drunk To Dream (Original Mix)
02. Agoria, Niño de Elche – What If Earth Would Turn Faster (Damian Lazarus Re-Shape)
03. Sasha Carassi – Ethos (Original Mix)
04. Mr. Bizz, BOHO – Auroris (Original Mix)
05. GRAZZE - Another Breath Original Mix
06. juSt b, Norb (HU) – Different Places (Instrumental)
07. Innellea – Confronted Reality (Original Mix)
08. Luke Garcia – Ecro (Original Mix)
09. Just Her – On the Low feat. Kieran Fowkes (Joyce Muniz Remix)
10. D-Formation & Masella - Indra
11. D-Formation & Masella - Soma

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Chus is back again with a live recorded mix at his hometown Madrid, In his residency club LAB Madrid for the Black Heart Party, Enjoy the show!!

01. Daniel Rateuke - Kofi (Cioz Remix)
02. Animal Trainer - Let Me Sing
03. Disciples - They Don’t Know (Dosem Remix)
04. Daniel Rateuke - Or Stay Alive feat. Ursula Rucker
05. Tosz - Prayer (GRAZZE Remix)
06. Pele, Shawnecy - Funky Flowers
07. Jimi Jules - Pushing On (Calussa Edit)
08. Nelli - Apollo
09. Ali Termos, Salvo Migliorini - Ederlezi (Amir Telem Remix)
10. Steve Ward, Sean V - Chartreuse Verte (Technasia Remix)
11. Moojo, Gabsy - Vamonos
12. Oliver Koletzki - Copal (Super Flu Remix)
13. Diplo & Damian Lazarus - Don’t Be Afraid (Cioz Remix)
14. Ultra Nate - Free (Acapella) 

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Malone, Cuban born rising dj/producer from Miami has been coming up through the underground music scene as of late... With releases on labels such as Stereo, Saved, Toolroom, Club Sweat, Abracadabra and many more underground imprints. The artist is set to have a very strong 2021 and continue his growth throughout the underground ranks of the scene..

01. Malóne & Calussa - ID (Unreleased Hurry Up Slowly)
02. Calussa & Sebastian Rivero - San Juan (Band&dos Remix)
03. Savage & She - Spirits Of Sian Ka’an
04. Stylo & Space Motion - ID (Unreleased Hurry Up Slowly)
05. Blond:ish & Malóne (Ft Archila) - ID (Unreleased Abracadabra)
06. Calussa & Malóne - More Life (After Hours Mix)
07. Malone & PAUZA - Muy Bien
08. Dj Unique (LB), Bobbi - Flames Ft. Bobbi Fallon (Black Circle Remix) 
09. Caravaca - One
10. Joeski - A La Vida Ft. Xiomara Torres, Adrian Viafara
11. Klaus - Terra (&lez interpretation)
12. Eran Hersh - Ale Ale
13. Malóne & The Kimonos - Bana (Blond:ish Touch Edit)

Direct download: 446_MALONE_Stereo_Podcast.mp3
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Calussa consists of two brothers, Andrew and Gino Gomez, born in Miami with family roots from Cuba. Their distinctive production ties in with their Cuban roots and varies from Afro to underground sounds with undertones of global rhythms. Most well known for their imprint, “Hurry Up Slowly” - they have paved a bright road ahead in the underground ranks.

01. Rony Seikaly - Envidia Feat. Sasha
02. Le Croque, atsou, Bobbi Fallon - Bird Of Soul (Daniel Rateuke Remix)
03. Calussa – ID (unreleased)
04. Moojo - Vamonos w/ Watch The Sunrise (Calussa Edit)
05. Calussa, Sebastian Rivero - San Juan (Band&dos Remix)
06. Dum K – Flame
07. Joeski, Gorge – Jogo 
08. Luis Kill - Siembra tu Flor ft. SR.Olmo
09. Calussa – Nara
10. Ian Ludvig, Darksidevinyl- Nuru w/ Eleanor Rigby (Calussa Edit) 
11. Space Motion & Tebra – Tamba Lamba
12. Calussa, Malone – Bessame (After Hours Mix)
13. Drush – Pushing on Yolo (Calussa Edit)
14. Eran Hersh – Ale Ale w/ Hide U (Calussa Edit)

Direct download: CALUSSA__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_445.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:41pm EDT

Chus is back again with an extraordinary mix recorded during his last visit to one of his favorites countries in the world, Venezuela, in an impressive open-air event at Hotel Tamanaco in Caracas; here you have one hour set, but if you want to listen to the entire show, please visit Chus official Mixcloud or Soundcloud page!

01. ANOTR - Bend
02. Angata Feat. Fanta Konè - Nabodayera (Kiko Navarro Remix)
03. ADDFX, DOOD - Jingo
04. Jam Rumi - Oasis Midnights
05. Mark Fanciulli - The Tide (Joris Voorn Edit)
06. Betoko, Aaron Suiss - Paralyz
07. Rodrigo Laffertt - Sacrilegio
08. Elkins & Jaqobson - Alba (Hot Since 82 Remix)
09. DJ Angelo - Way Out
10. Lexa Hill - Sambero
11. Arodes - Where do we go (Malone Remix)
12. Super Flu - Spacehip
13. Joeski - A la Vida

Direct download: CHUS__LIVE_FROM_CARACAS__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_444.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:56am EDT

Amine K’s progressive sounds, direct a journey, deep and united. It’s about feeling a connection on the dance floor with a melodic story and organic rhythm.

01. Amine K - Venus
02. Amine K - Apollo (Vocal Mix)
03. First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder (Dam Swindle Remix)
04. Goom Gum - Innocence
05. Ben Sterling - Dimensions
06. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (The Blockchain Remix)
07. Monolink - Return To Oz (Artbat Remix)
08. Argy - Magic Order
09. David Morales & Elle Cato - I Feel Love (Extended Mix)
10. Pablo Fierro - Before
11. Oum - Temma (Amine K Remix)
12. Alliance Ethnic - Respect (MasterCue Remix)

Direct download: 443_AMINE_K_Stereo_Productions_Podcast.mp3
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This week's episode is hosted by the one & only Joeski, from NYC, with his unmistakable Tribal Deep Dance sound plenty of spiritual moods! . Fueled by his genuine love of the music, there's no doubt that Joeski will continue to evolve both behind the decks and in the studio, captivating new generations of club-goers and maintaining his place as one of dance music's most enduring talents.

01. Joeski - Espiritu De Rumba (Long Ritual Mix)
02. Facondo Mohr - Mondo
03. Joeski - Lost Drums
04. Pauza & Christian Vinci - Sonido de Calle
05. Oscar Mula - Barrio Latino
06. James Deron, Morris Revy - Babe Ye Rona
07. Bruno Zarra - Flauta Urbana (Sylva Drums Remix)
08. Technique & Yaroslove - Revive (Joeski Unerleased Edit)
09. Pablo Fierro - Reincarnation
10. Joeski - Carrion feat Mikael Garcia (Joeski Unreleased Mix)
11. Joeski - A Sunset In Nigeria
12. Dr Feel - Khufu
13. Sean Miller - The Good Life (Joeski Remix)

Direct download: JOESKI__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_442.mp3
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Born in Marrakech and based in London, Jalal is a DJ and music producer who embodies the essence of tribal and afro sounds. He grew up in an atmosphere of Amazigh and African rhythms that he is authentically overlaying on house music. He released music on all the most respected labels in the world, including Moblack Records, Abracadabra, Madorasindahouse, Wired and more.

01. Jalal Ramdani, ADJUMA ft. Novmula – Impilo
02. La Santa ft. Vuyo Brown – Love Me Now
03. Jalal Ramdani, Team Distant, Mr Silk ft. Mel D – Sesa (Adjuma Remix)
04. Mehdi Nassouli,Omary – Skanja
05. Shimza, Argento Dust – Alone with Acapella Shimza – AfricanWoman
06. Simone Vittulo, Dario D’attis – Afro Skulp
07. Dario Nunez, Moree MK – Kumala
08. Makombay – Amanu Boy
09. Jalal Ramdani, Team Distant, Mr Silk ft. Stevo Atambire – Sake (Chaleee Remix)
10. Jalal Ramdani, PAUZA – ID
11. Manoo, RaoulK ft. Ahmed Sosso – Toukan (Dixon Rework)
12. DJ Satelite – Kemuda Siyeza (Afrotouch Mix)
13. Jalal Ramdani, Mr Silk ft. Lizwi – Imbongi (Enoo Napa Remix)

Direct download: 441_Stereo_PRODUCTIONS_Podcast.mp3
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Here you have the first episode of the year, DJ CHUS Live from Miami, one hour taken from his latest appearance in Miami for the NYE.
DJ and Electronic Music Producer, born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Creator of the pioneering Iberican Sound. His Music style is a delicious blend of Organic House, warm and intense with a vital and deep Tribal essence that fuses naturally with melodic and evolving sounds, percussion rhythms, and drums. A long-haul career based on his self-taught character and his constant defence of musical quality has turned him into one of the industry's most respected DJs. His evolution throughout the past years has led him to the pinnacle of the global music scene. Chus's strength resides in his charisma and the unique and pure way he chooses to engage with people. Chus represents an invaluable legacy of sound, where his blend of styles is his dogma and the quality, his message. 

01. Sunlightsquare - Oyelo (Adam Ten & Mita Game Remix)
02. Ninetoes - Finder
03. Shay DT - Work Out of The Woods (Chus Private Edit)
04. Super Flu - Really Really
05. Tony Touch - Sacude (Louie Vega Brooklyn Mix)
06. Space Motion - Adelante
07. A2Z - U Have The Key July
08. Mattei & Omich - Roots (Moon Rocket Remix)
09. Band&Dos, Tony Guerra - From The Ghetto
10. Arodes - Where Do We Go (Malone Remix)
11. Rony Seikaly - Won’t Stop Now feat. Diddy
12. Dalfie - Can’t Think Right Now
13. Prince - When Doves Cry (Private Edit)
14. Sabo, Hot Oasis - Bakhu (DJ Chus Remix)

Direct download: CHUS__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_440.mp3
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Sinvergüenza is an Italian Dj with South American origins. He merges his passion for electronic music with the Dutch deep-techno style, adding tribal and African imprints. The final result is a genre that remains mainly deep house, that emerges thanks to the DJ's particular use of various synthesizers and his accuracy in the use of drums. Sinvergüenza is always looking for new sounds and vibrations: that is why his productions are always unique to themselves and enable the artist's style to particularly stand out.

01. Ben - Bogota
02. Sinvergüenza -  ID
03. Sinvergüenza feat. Al.Ma - Confusion
04. M.E.M.O. - Tai Tai
05. Dood (Gr) - Ritual
06. DJ Chus, Sparrow & Barbossa - Nyakua feat. Idd Aziz
07. Mòo & Jo, Demayä feat. Arkadyan & Eribertho Cruzado - Desperado
08. Manybeat - Papasote
09. Manybeat - Mamasota
10. Natema - Ven (Ahora sì)
11. Kiberu - Ufzag
12. Like That Underground, Kareem Zadd - Waves (La Santa Remix) 
13. Sinvergüenza - ID
14. Sinvergüenza - Revelation
15. Jubaba - Ritmo de Bom Bom (Lexa Hill Extended Remix)

Direct download: SINVERGUENZA__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_439.mp3
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Sounds of Ritual is one of the new American talents based in Miami. With an Organic, afro, latin sounds he is conquering the most important clubs with his beautiful sets.

01. Sean Ae & Rïa Mehta - Saudades (Sunrise Mix)
02. PAAX (Tulum) - Distancias
03. Pablo Fierro- Before
04. Jimmy Sax Black - Surabaya Bali Trip
05. Victor Porfidio & Band&Dos - Diana (Edit)
06. Aaron Sevilla & Fernando Praga - Delirio
07. Uri Mood & Yemi Bolatiwa - Fridays Ain't Got Future
08. Wilgenis Vergara & Luis Sanchez - Farafi
09. Robin M - Love Story
10. Leo Guardo & Toshi - Sikhanyisele (Sparrow & Barbossa Remix)
11. Gianni Romano & Emanuele Esposito Feat. MHE - The Sound of Silence
12. Unknown

Direct download: SOUNDS_OF_RITUALS__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_438.mp3
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Le Roi Carmona is one of the biggest Costa Rican DJs who began his career in Spain, he has multiple influences such as Jazz, progressive rock, trip-hop, and Latin influences. He shared the stage with International Artists and signed with Big labels.

01. Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona - Imperfect (Beatamines Remix) / Zoo Technique
02. Andre Gazolla, Vanderhansz - Mustafa / Pyramid waves
03. Le Roi Carmona - Taste of the wild / Unreleased
04. Namito, Brams - More Than Just Your Passion / Bar 25 Music
05. Le Roi Carmona, Franco BA, Toni Carrillo - La Colorada / High Pressure Music
06. Senzala - Sit Down / Stereo Productions
07. Le Roi Carmona - Laser Tager (David Herrero Remix) / Huambo Records 
08. Robiin, 22 Weeks - Take My Hand / Housetribe Recordings
09. Knober, Sylter - Reload / Unloaded Records
10. Francis De Simone - Flirt / Dark Shades Records
11. Matt Sassari - Give It to me (Full Vocal Mix) / Cr2 Records
12. Jack Morris - Finer things / Sink or Swin
14. Mason Talbot - Cocaina / South Of Saturn

Amine K - Apollo / Stereo Productions

Direct download: Le_Roi_Carmona__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_437_APOLLO.mp3
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Oscar de Rivera has a long and successful career, over 30 years, made with constancy, quality, and self-confidence. Oscar evolves perfectly around all the various Electronic music styles, playing from Deep to the most Underground House.

01. Jacob Groening - Nican Feat. Joy Tyson (Unders & Noraj Cue Remix)
02. Amine K - Apollo
03. David Morales & Timmy Regisford Feat.Toshi - Nini, Pt. 2 - (Red Zone Mix)
04. Noncitizens - Lost Trumpet In Space
05. Yør Kultura - Shimming
06. Capoon - Henna
07. Senzala - Sit Down
08. Danny Tenaglia - Ohno (The Air Raid)
09. Stoim - Ego (Echo Deep Remix)
10. D-Formation & Saccao - Ares
11. Cerebral - Titan (Bastinov Remix)
12. Hvob - Butter (Floyd Lavine Remix)

Direct download: OSCAR_DE_RIVERA__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_436.mp3
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Here you have the last episode of the year, DJ CHUS Live from Brooklyn New York, one hour taken from his latest appearance in New York along with Danny Tenaglia. You can listen the entire set on Chus's Mixcloud.
DJ and Electronic Music Producer, born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Creator of the pioneering Iberican Sound. His Music style is a delicious blend of Organic House, warm and intense with a vital and deep Tribal essence that fuses naturally with melodic and evolving sounds, percussion rhythms, and drums. A long-haul career based on his self-taught character and his constant defence of musical quality has turned him into one of the industry's most respected DJs. His evolution throughout the past years has led him to the pinnacle of the global music scene. Chus's strength resides in his charisma and the unique and pure way he chooses to engage with people. Chus represents an invaluable legacy of sound, where his blend of styles is his dogma and the quality, his message. 
Here you have the last episode of the year, DJ CHUS Live from Brooklyn New York, one hour taken from his latest appearance in New York along with Danny Tenaglia. You can listen the entire set on Chus's Mixcloud.

01. Jeremiah Asiamah - Bring it
02. Danny Howard - Mr. B
03. Saliva Commandos - We Only Watching The Stars
04. Super Flu - Really Really
05. La Elegancia Prod - Yerba mala Nunca muere
06. Kawtar Sadik, Da Mike - Malayou (Angelo Remix)
07. Ruben Mandolini, Riky Ild - Nonsifa
08. Carl Cox - Dr. Funk (Riva Starr Funk Remix)
09. Eli Brown - Killer (Miane Remix)
10. ANTR - Bend (Chus MURK Private Edit)
11. Michael Aidala - The Untamed (Horatio Remix)
12. Elias (GER) - Cha
13. Joeski - Lessons Learned
14. Riva Starr & Green Velvet - Keep Pushin

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Very few artists have accomplished what Mexican powerhouse DJ & producer Omar Labastida has accomplished in the past 3 decades. Omar’s early career was at the world-famous Blue Parrot in Playa Del Carmen. This easily inserted Omar into the lineup at one of the most important events in the music world and all of Mexico, The BPM Festival. Releasing blockbuster music on labels like Toolroom,, Deeperfect, RAWthenthic , 303 Lovers, Kaluki Younan Music, and his own imprint Riviera Underground.

01. David Morales & Mr. V - Everyday Of My Life
02. David Herrero - The Present , The Future
03. Omar Labastida & Fhaken - Dime Lo Que Bailas
04. Doons - Delivery
05. Squicciarini - To The Rhythm (Ozgur Uzar Remix)
06. Omar Labastida & Daniel Carrasco - Disco Tech
07. Marco Lys - Keep Looking Around
08. Dateless - Cuando Mueves (Fran Valdivieso Remix)
09. Marshall Jefferson & Solardo - Move Your Body
10. Omar Labastida - Move Your Tetas
11. Saul Antolin - Kelter
12. Disclosure - In My Arms

Direct download: OMAR_LABASTIDA__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_434.mp3
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Angel Heredia is a Spanish electronic music producer and deejay, His music quickly caught the eye of some of the best promoters and well-renowned National clubs. He is well-known for his Tech-House productions, hitting the Beatport
Tech-House Top 100 several times, releasing with top labels.

01. Joe Vanditti - Crazy Town
02. Cosmin Horatiu - Yeyo (GruuvElement's Dub)
03. J Paul Getto - The Devil's Hand
04. Filterheadz - Atlantic (Late Replies Remix)
05. Angel Heredia - Back To The Future
06. Aldo Cadiz, Andre Butano - Tzu-Mani (Paco Osuna & Fer BR Remix)
07. The Martinez Brothers, Fuego - PAP (Pendiente Al Paso)
08. RSquared - Underground
09. Mendo & Angel Heredia - Boys Rules
10. Angel Heredia - In My Head
11. Francis De Simone - Firt
12. Chus & Ceballos - Lost in Music Feat. Cevin Fisher (Hector Couto Remix)
13. Level Groove - OOHYES
14. Fabio Neural, DJ Fronter - Tribalism
15. Peter Brown, The Cube Guys - Do You Want To Play House
16. Chus & Ceballos, Oscar L - Da Da Dam (Siege Remix)
17. Angel Heredia - Mun3
18. Angel Heredia - Hardgroove Return
19. Nic Fanciulli, Retna - This is Life
20.Imanol Molina - Gold Skies (Ki Creighton & Makanan Remix)

Direct download: Angel_Heredia__Stereo_Podcast_433.mp3
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Often referred to as one of the most consistently pioneering artists of his generation, the Tenerife bred DJ/Producer comes with an impressively commendable back-story. In an industry well known for overnight success due to monopolization and consumer-driven demands, Hector is an outstanding example of what playing the long game and staying true to yourself can get you if you put your heart and soul into it. This week new track is 'Apollo' by Amine K released in Stereo Productions

01. Urulu – Flight Pattern
02. Archie Hamilton - Waisted
03. Ben Sterling – The Whipp
04. Latmun - Who Knew
05. Harvy Valencia - Ritmo Para Moverte
06. Miguel Lobo, Mene – Back Seat
07. Kreature - Excuse Me (Rendher Remix)
08. Shaf huse – Flu Mod
09. Unknown
10. Haynes – Party n bullshit
11. Proudly People - Jam's Groove
12. Point G, Traumer – Locoliente (Hector Couto Secret Edit)
13. Blackchild (ITA) – Yo Vivo En La Isla
14. Iglesias – Who’s Right?
15. Amine K - Apollo

Direct download: 432_Hector_Couto_Stereo_Podcast.mp3
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Rafael Draeger one of the current top Venezuelan producers with a formidable release record with his work on highly regarded labels and collaborations under his name. In the past year, he reached the top 10 Afro House charts several times on the popular download sites. His success comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen Rafael Drager DJ live or tuned in to one of his productions. With a blend of sophistication and fresh sounds, his sets are expressive adventures in melodies and grooves that never fail to captivate.

01. Everything Changes (Da le Havana Remix) 
02. Makasi (David Mayer Remix)
03. Passion (Guzzk)
04. Wemilere (Da le Havana Remix)
05. Ynes (DarksideVinyl Remix)
06. Nobody (Ian Ladvig Remix)
07. Dream ( Dum K ) / Switch Lab 
08. Nuru (Ian Ladvig & DarksideViny)
09. Seps Sizophumalela (Kintar, queen Rami)
10. Mirror of Your Soapadai (D'al Senio)
11. Zamekile featuring Lizwi (Cee ElAssaad, Vanco, Lizwi) 
12. This Is (Rafael Drager & Sebastian Rivero)

Direct download: 431_RAFAEL_DRAGER_Stereo_Podcast.mp3
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The Big Boss is back to Stereo Productions Podcast with an amazing Live Set recorded at Halloween 2021 in Flash, Washington DC. Don't miss the Killer show!

01. Federico Fioretti - Nocturnal Animals
02. Armandd G - La Cumbae
03. Steve Aguirre, Dum K - Let Me Be
04. Kawtar Sadik, Da Mike- Malayou (feat. Kawtar Sadik) Angelos Remix
05. Daniel Rateuke - Kofi (Cioz Remix)
06. Ella, Mattei & Omich - Roots (Moon Rocket Remix)
07. Jeremiah Asiamah - Bring It
08. Matthias (RU) - Legion
09. Levi Lenz - Ouura
10. Saliva Commandos - We Only Watching The Stars
11. THEMBA (SA) - Izindlu feat. Lizwi (Dense & Pika Remix)
12. Satir Monter - Aguila Del Monte feat. Martina Camargo
13. Cee ElAssaad, Bayaka (IT), Dobet Gnahore - Koko (Instrumental)
14. Space Motion - Adelante Original Mix

Direct download: 430_CHUS_HALLOWEEN_2021.mp3
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Da Mike, one of the most talented House DJs & producers in Greece, already performed with some of the most well-known DJs in the House music scene globally like Black Coffee, Manoo, Culoe De Song, Keinemusik, Themba, Pablo Fierro, Osunlade.

01. Alex Niggemann - Jewels
02. Kiberu - Ufzag
03. Hyenah - The Greed
04. Angelos & Da Mike - Corvo
05. Homeboyz ft. Kyaku Kyadaff - Nkolwa (DJEFF Remix)
06. Francis Mercier, Magic System - Premier Gaou (FNX Omar Remix)
07. Mowgan, MoBlack ft. Fanta Sayon - Tubani (MoBlack Remix)
08. &LEZ - Leave My Shadow
09. Kashovski - Inside My Head (Moojo Remix)
10. Joeski, DJ Chus - El Amor (Sparrow & Barbossa Remix)

Direct download: 429_Da_Mike_Stereo_Productions_Podcast.mp3
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Born in Malaga, Caravaca´s style travels across house, tech house, and other sub-genres of house, afro melodic and techno. Smooth, lively, and playful, his sound brings about a fantastic deep journey embracing a dark but seductive atmosphere with massive basslines. This set contains DJ Chus 'Senja in Bali' Matador Remix and Makanan 'Limber' released in Stereo Productions.

01. Caravaca - Sacrificed
02. Black Circle - Inner Tension
03. Apogea - Basement
04. Daniel Rateuke - Godana
05. DJ Chus - Senja in Bali (Matador Remix)
06. Jamek Ortega - Libre
07. Joeski - Ancestral Offerings
08. Calussa, Malone - More Life (After Hours Mix)
09. Elkins & Jaqobson - Alba (Hot Since 82 Remix)
10. Alex Breitling - Dark Forest
11. Booka Shade - Body Lenguage (Interpretation Chi Thanh Remix)
12. Refresh - Conception Of The Soul (Andromo Remix)
13. Makanan - Limber
14. Joeski - Insomnia

Direct download: 428_CARAVACA.mp3
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Jonni Santos is the House/Techno producer behind Senzala, based in London, this vinyl enthusiast expects to hear a range of influences in both his production and DJ sets. His works clearly demonstrate a raw and edgy sound formed through years of digging wax and hours spent raving. He has released in Four Thirty-Two, Pets Recordings, Knee Deep in sound, SCI-TECH, 43 Degrees Records, and Rebellion among others. This set contains the brand new track from Senzala that will be out in Stereo Productions next week!


01. Tuccillo - Bambola ft. Patty Pravo

02. Senzala - Sit Down

03. Andrew Mueller - Godfather’s Dance

04. wAFF - Ibiza

05. Emanuel Satie - Come As You Are

06. Senzala - Judgment

07. Hot Since 82 - Heater

08. Senzala - Vertigo

09. David Herrero - Don’t Hold Back

10. Josh Butler & Bontan - I’ll Call You Back

11. Rework - You’re so just just (Matt Tolfrey EC1 Edit)

12. Josh Butler & Bontan - Set Your Soul on Fire

13. Sam Holland - Does It Feel

Direct download: 427_SENZALA.mp3
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Mijangos is considered one of the most respected DJs in Mexico and is a precursor of Latin house, with his productions and his way of mixing has managed to bring up the name of his country by putting their Latin roots as a standard. This set contains the track Limber by Makana released on Stereo Productions and Dj Chus, Sparrow, Barbossa, Idd Aziz 'Nyakua' released in Redolent.

01. Mijangos – Somos Latino
02. Ray MD – El Trukito
03. Ben – Bogota
04. Dj Chus, Sparrow, Barbossa, Idd Aziz – Nyakua
05. Doud Gomez – Quiero Amor
06. Norty Cotto – Ahina Wooka
07. Roger Garcia, Tanori – La Puerta
08. Dj Luis Patty – Wataki
09. Makanan – Limber
10. That Kid Christ – El Mundo
11. Juan Mejia – Sazon (Mijangos Afroflamenco Mix
12. Mijangos – Dime Lo Que Baila

Direct download: 426_MIJANGOS.mp3
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The Big Boss is back to Stereo Productions Podcast with an amazing Live Set recorded during his last visit to the city of Barcelona. Enjoy the set and prepare yourself for 60 minutes of pure Dance Music!

01. Elias (Ger) - Cha
02. Stylo & Goom Gum - Teleport
03. James Solace, Jansons - Portal
04. Satir Monter - Aguila Del Monte
05. Josh Butler - Switch It
06. Natema - Music Is My Sanity
07. Chus & Ceballos - All I Want
08. Federico Ambrosi - Stretch
09. Celia Cruz - Asuca (Joeski Ritual Mix)
10. Super Flu - Really Really
11. Alvaro Am - Can You Feel This
12. Natema, Edson Denizard - A Gira
13. Technasia - Bring It Back
14. Durtysoxxx - Space Gods
15. Space Motion - Jaguar
16. Dole & Kom - Together Onetime (Agent! Remix)

Direct download: 425_CHUS_SHOW.mp3
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Uri Mood began his career in the late 90s as a DJ playing in the best clubs of Barcelona with a unique mix of house, tech, and afro sounds. His productions are strongly influenced by House music. This set contains the stereo productions tracks Cristian Vinci, PAUZA 'Sonido De Calle' and Dee Montero 'Aeon', and Chus track along with Sparrow & Barbossa and Idd Aziz 'Nyakua' released on Redolent as well as Dean Mickoski, Idd Aziz - Dzizu

01. Saliva Commandos, Silvano Del Gado - Mainspice (Silvano Del Gado Remix)
02. Uri Mood, Yemi Bolatiwa - Fridays Ain't Got Future
03. Dean Mickoski, Idd Aziz - Dzizu
04. ADDFX, Afrofunk - Luthando (DJ CHUS Remix)
05. Mattei & Omich, Ella, Moon Rocket - Roots (Moon Rocket Remix)
06. Santo Arrosa - Perdido
07. David Montoya - Afrolatina
08. Louie Vega, Harry Romero - El Ritmo
09. DJ Chus, Sparrow & Barbossa, Idd Aziz - Nyakua
10. Cristian Vinci, PAUZA - Sonido De Calle
11. Uri Mood - Yekeké / Sumision Records
12. Dee Montero - Aeon (Drums Mix)
13. Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc., Roland Clark - Free
14. Jimmy V - Amasonica
15. Vlada Asanin - Imene (Kafana Mix)

Direct download: 424_URI_MOOD.mp3
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This dynamic married duo of well-experienced DJs & Producers from Tel Aviv. Who knows how to get the crowd Bumpin’ while crafting mesmerizing DJ sets that flow thru House, Tech House, and Techno, infused with Disco, Latin & Afro vibes. This set contains the stereo productions track from Blueheist, La Santa - Malik, and Chus track along with Sparrow & Barbossa - A Pila El Arro feat. Etelvina Maldonado released in MoBlack Records.

01. Yamil, G.Zamora - Lamento
02. Embatucadores - Terra Rasgada (Santiago Garcia Remix)
03. DJ Chus, Sparrow & Barbossa - A Pila El Arro feat. Etelvina Maldonado
04. Jose Alves - My Sound
05. DiMO (BG), Mr. K (BG) _ El Tarikatos
06. Ian Justiniani - Sol Menor
07. Do Moon Feat. Klow Dy - Komare (David Montoya Remix)
08. The Angels & Idd Aziz - Jungle Walk
09. The Angels Feat Emma El Shir - Bebe (Late Night Mix)
10. Blueheist, La Santa - Malik
11. Saliva Commandos - We only Watching the stars
12. Joeski - El Santo
13. The Angels - Fuego En Tus Ojos
14. The Angels - Bailar (Pippi Ciez Remix)

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Born in Lima (PE), Jeaneiffel is one of the most representative electronic music producers of the local underground scene. Thanks to his talent and passion, he has taken his music around the world through international labels, reaching the top 100 in Beatport (Afro House / Tech House / Minimal Tech) and positioning himself in the charts of the same portal highlighting his productions together with one of the great icons of the world electronic scene.

01. Bayoga, Argy - Under No Illusion Poker (jeaneiffel Spiritual edit)
02. Danny Tenaglia - Dibiza (Catz 'N Dogz Remix)
03. dj qu - picazón
04. PAUZA Cristian Vinci - Sonido De Calle
05. Gianni Romano, Aüra, Trick Beat - Water
06. Dean Mickoski, Idd Aziz - Dzizu
07. DJ Angelo & Da Mike - Way Out
08. Space Motion, Kashovski, Idd Aziz - Hingo
09. Klunsh - Hayru Marka
10. Stereo MC's, Adam Port - Place
11. Jeaneiffel - Carnavalito
12. Roger Sanchez, Oba Frank Lords - Alma Roja (DJ CHUS Remix)
13. Davidson Ospina, Oscar P - Gbdb Morning Song (Joeski Mix)

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Sebastian Rivero is a newcomer producer and DJ from Venezuela, who created songs like: “El Tambor” and “Feels”, His works are influenced by Latin and Afrikan rhythms, adding his unique energy and creating a colorful dance atmosphere. This set contains a private and unreleased remix from Sebastian Riveiro of the classic tune from Chus & David Penn ¨Baila¨

01. Pietro Nicosia - Flowers (Zepherin Saint Remix)
02. Shimza feat. Maleh - Fight to Love (Floyd Lavine Remix)
03. Eli Escobar - City Song, Part 2 (Peace, Love and Harmony Ron Basejam Remix)
04. Jerome Sydenham & Fatima Njai - Krimson Blossom
05. Be.Lanuit - Santë (PAAX Tulum Mix)
06. Elias Kazais & Stefanos Stergiou - We Rise And Fall (George North Remix)
07. Sinvergüenza - Confusion
08. Bonetti - Ipanema (Mijangos Latin House Mix)
09. Sebastian Rivero - Choroní
10. DJ Chus, David Penn - Baila (Sebastian Rivero Remix)
11. David Morales feat Mr. V - Everyday of My Life (DJ Spen and Will “Reelsoul” Rodriguez Mix)
12. Rodrigo Laffertt - Sacrilegio (Unreleased Mix)
13. Sebastian Rivero - El Tambor (Andres Hernandez Remix)

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Chus returns to the Stereo Productions Podcast with a very special set live recorded at one of his favorites places in the United States, Spybar in Chicago, don't miss this wicked set! Time to Dance with Papa CHUS!

01. Josh Butler - Switch it
02. Eelke Kleijn - The Hierophant (Renato Cohen Remix)
03. Stereo Xpress - Saha
04. DJ Angelo - Way Out
05. Artbat - Papillon
06. La Elegancia Prod - Yerba Mala Mumca Muere
07. Celia Cruz - Asuca (Joeski Ritual Mix)
08. Durtysoxxx - Space Gods
09. Colyn - The Future is the Past
10. Enamour, Warung - Forget Your Name
11. Marsh - Little Darling
12. Stylo & Space Motion - Player
13. Joeski - Lessons Learned
14. Super Flu - Nicotine
15. Kaiser Penguin - Boho
16. Anii - Magic

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With incredible musicianship and a warm heart, he performed live music on every dance floor from Europe to Brazil for the past 15 years. MOLLA is an awesome producer & DJ, born and raised in Israel. This set contains our Afro House Banger Molla, Joezi, Idd Aziz - Parapanda

01. Javi Colors, Dr. Alfred - Feeling Good
02. Simone Vitullo, David Herrero, Shrii - Higher
03. Gil Bokobza feat. Lizwi - Isalakutshelwa
04. Molla & Joezi Feat. Idd Aziz - Parapanda
05. Natema ft Edson Denizard - A Gira
06. Joezi - Africa
07. Tayllor - Mantra
08. Emmanuel Jal - Kuar - FNX Omar Remix
09. La Santa, Sparrow & Barbossa - Cumanayagua
10. Yahel - Soul - MOLLA Remix
11. Safar FR ft. Dikla Hackmon - Thousand And Two Nights - Paso Doble Remix

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Hailing from Egypt and based in Vienna Darksidevinyl is an artist with formidable talent. He creates a fusion of contemporary Afro Sounds with progressive and captivating melodies. This set contains our Afro House Banger PAUZA , Cristian Vinci - Sonido de Calle

01. Ronny Santana - Feel the music
02. PAUZA , Cristian Vinci - Sonido de Calle
03. Liva K - Salut
04. Mòo & Jo, ARKADYAN, Demayä - DESPERADO
05. Draksidevinyl - insomnia
06. Agustin Giri - Nitt
07. Oxia - Domino (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)
08. Jamek Ortega - Libre
09. Tayllor - Magenta
10. DJ Chus, Amine K - Cigano
12. Djuma Soundsystem & Emok feat. Olith - Osuga (Kellerkind Remix)

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Dean Mickoski is New York's top House DJ Star. Spinning and producing different facets of House Music, merging Deep and Tech House, Dean is on a vengeance to solve the world’s hunger for creative and unique compositions. This set contains our forthcoming release Molla , Joezi, Idd Aziz titled ‘Parapanda’


01. Dean Mickoski, MistaJam - Afro Moon (Andrew Meller Remix) 

02. Dennis Cruz & Josh Butler - Ahora Todo Va (Gorgon City Remix) 

03. Olly Klars - Full Moon

04. Sllash & Doppe - Makeba

05. ID - Your Mind (Dean Mickoski Mix)

06. Louie Vega, Harry Romero - El Ritmo

07. Tom & Collins - Sombrerito

08. Badin Brothers - Bruvva

09. Lee Cabrera & Marco Lys - Reap

10. Adam Asenjo - Banger (Fun Mix) 

11. Ethan UK - Drummer

Track of the week:

12. Molla - Parapanda feat. Idd Aziz

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Serbian-based DJ, producer, label boss, and musical maverick Space Motion has quickly become one of the scene's most reputable and in-demand electronic todays' artists.

01. Oscar G - Dios Mio
02. David Herrero - The Present, The Future
03. Natema - A Gira Feat. Edson Denizard
04. David Montoya - Canto Afrika
05. Band&Dos - Perdido
06. Dean Mickoski - Dzizu Feat. Idd Aziz
07. David Herrero - Don’t A Rush
08. Sparrow & Barbossa - Saudades Do Mar Feat. Tosz
09. Mijangos - Aqui Se Baila
10. Band&Dos - Bele Bele Feat. Samia
11. Matt Sawyer - Cloud’s Song
12. Joeski - One People
13. Haze-M - Limits
14. Kassady - Low Down Drums (Chus Sweet Love Edit)
15. Super Flu - Really Really

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Stereo Productions' Big Boss made his long awaited return to the Hudson River for this very special Saturday night Boat Party event! Nobody brings the fiesta like CHUS and given the two years that have passed since the last Stereo On The Hudson event! This one was especially hot, enjoy this one-hour set taken from his 4 hours DJ Set!. This set contains the forthcoming release of David Herrero in Stereo 'The Present, The Future'

01. Oscar G - Dios Mio
02. David Herrero - The Present, The Future
03. Natema - A Gira Feat. Edson Denizard
04. David Montoya - Canto Afrika
05. Band&Dos - Perdido
06. Dean Mickoski - Dzizu Feat. Idd Aziz
07. David Herrero - Don’t A Rush
08. Sparrow & Barbossa - Saudades Do Mar Feat. Tosz
09. Mijangos - Aqui Se Baila
10. Band&Dos - Bele Bele Feat. Samia
11. Matt Sawyer - Cloud’s Song
12. Joeski - One People
13. Haze-M - Limits
14. Kassady - Low Down Drums (Chus Sweet Love Edit)
15. Super Flu - Really Really

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Natema is a Brazilian artist who carved out a strong reputation in dance music, making his hallmark through a unique interpretation of the House Music soundscape. His DJ sets & own productions have energy, infectious grooves that emanate an ethnic world’s atmosphere. This set contains the forthcoming release of PAUZA in Stereo 'Sonido de Calle' a truly Afro House banger and several unreleased tracks by NATEMA

01. Natema & As Ganhadeiras de Itapuã - Voimbora
02. Drunky Daniels - Sunday Sound
03. Natema - One Day One Need
04. Drunky Daniels - Amazônia
05. Natema - Music is My Sanity
07. Natema - Ven ( Ahora Sí)
08. DJ Qness - Berlin
10. Natema - Oh Brotha
12. PAUZA, Cristian Vinci - Sonido De Calle
13. Natema - Jerusalem

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PAUZA is the first female electronic duo from Cuba, Zahira Sánchez, and Paula Fernández have re-interpreted the Cuban musical traditions with their house music, adding Latin rhythms and Cuban folklore. This week's episode is hosted by Spanish favorite Afro Duo, Sparrow & Barbossa. They are one of the top & hottest Afro House Artists at this moment.

01. PAUZA - Rumba de 20 Anos
02. PAUZA - Tomaza
03. AFRONAUTAS - Coco Maye
04. PAUZA Ft Cristian Vinci - Sonido de Calles
05. DJ Elias - Burning Drums of Fire (PAUZA REMIX)
06. Robbie Rivera - My Body Move
07. Mele - Groove La Afrika
08. Dian - Havana 1959
09. Alexx Fall & Sebastian badi - Sandunga
10. Robbie Rivera & PAUZA - Agua Pa Beber (David Tort Remix)c
11. El Jack - Los Anormales
12. Sparrow & Barbossa - Azúcar ft Los Van Van

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David Herrero is of the Stereo Family lost time artist, he has been influenced by different music genres. This set contains the new Stereo release by Makanan ‘Limber’.

Makanan - Limber / Stereo Productions

01. Louie Vega, Luisito Quintero, Nina Rodriguez - Yemaya / Vega Records
02. DJ Lucerox - Mombasa / Xumba Recordings
03. David Herrero, Darksidevinyl - Domba (Taylor Remix) / Safe Music
04. David Herrero - Majemba / Go Deeva Records
05. Helen&Boys, ETCH (EG) - PAPA AFRICA / Timeless Moment
06. Brigado Crew, Crisstiano - Tribe / Stil vor Talent
07. Simone Vitullo & David Herrero - Higher (Extended Mix)
08. Sunar - Samadhi / Go Deeva
09. T.S.O.S. & Benjy - Kalamba
10. Negrocan - Cada Vez David Herrero / Private Edit
11. Joeski - Gitana / Maya
12. Dennis Cruz, Josh Butler - Ahora Todo Va / Crosstown Rebels

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Guzzk is a Brazilian artist based in Miami, he has been influenced by different cultures and music genres from all over the world. This set contains the new release from Guzzk ‘Passion’ in Stereo and CHUS’ new release with Amine K ’Cigano’ in Sol Selectas.

01. Tomy Wahl, Alain Fanegas - Incama
02. Ucha - Separate Ways
03. Space Motion, Kashovski - The Sun Can't Compare
04. Guzzk - Passion
05. Mario Bazouri - Greta
06. Brigado Crew, Far&High - 7
07. Joris Voorn, Alex Kennon - Blinding Lights (Joris Voorn Remix)
08. Ronny Santana - Son
09. Hot Since 82 - Heater
10. DJ Chus, Amine K (Moroko Loko) - Cigano
11. D'AL SENIO - Mirror of Your Soul feat. Jennie Kapadai
12. Sparrow & Barbossa - Stay

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Chus is back on the road again in his Summer USA Tour. This set was live recorded in one of his favorite spots, Flash in Washington DC in an open to close set.

This set contains one of CHUS forthcoming remixes, ADDFX & MJFUNK - Luthando (DJ Chus Remix).


01. ADDFX & MJFUNK - Luthando (DJ Chus Remix) / Cagina

02. SOSANDLOW - Liberatae (Sparrow & Barbossa Remix)

03. Lunar Plane - Children of Rain

04. Wasp - Laid Bare feat. Deaf Joe (KAMADEV Remix)

05. Amine K & Atsou feat. Lemonia - Felice

06. Sebjak & Fahlberg - Fibonacci’s Dance

07. Embatucadores - Terra Rasgada (Santiago Garcia Remix)

08. Band&Dos, Victor Porfidio - Diana

09. Be Svendsen - State The Obvious

10. Marsh - Little Darling

11. Amine K - Taran (Dr. Gonzo Mix)

12. Kintar, Bahramji, Medusa Odyssey - Cumbe (Papua Mix)

13. Miss Kittin, Hot Since 82 - Naboo (Nick Curly & Jansons Remix)

14. Brigado Crew, Ubbah - Rocking it

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Victoria Engel is passionate about the arts from an early age. Her relationship with music began by singing and composition. Her style is broad and versatile Dub maintaining a line in their productions, covering genres such as minimal, Tech-House, House and Techno.

01. Luigi Tozzi - Satyr
02. Birds Ov Paradise - Jet
03. Nadia Popoff - Space Dub
04. Delta Funktionen - Silhouette (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
05. Unknown - Sure
06. Truncate - Reach
07. Function - Disaffected (Ben Klock Remix)
08. Scuba, Felsen - Speed This Mf Up (Truncate Remix)
09. Mark Henning - Black Out
10. Zodiac Trax - Wanderlight
11. Newa - 333333
12. Airpeople - 7 Deadlies (Flaw Mix)

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