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This week, we journeyed to Miami to welcome ERAN HERSH a DJ and producer synonymous with success—the King Midas of Afro House. Having reached the number one spot on all charts with remixes of popular songs don't miss the last podcast of the year, in stereo.


01. Eran Hersh, Augusto Yepes - Devi

02. The Martinez Brothers - Rizzla (Mili Edit)

03. Tayllor - Talking Drums

04. Grossomoddo - 1001 Nuits

05. Marc Werner - Whistles

06. Eran Hersh, Blondish, Darmon, Madonna - Sorry

07. Renegade Harder Darmon Edit

08. Baron, Darmon - Elorra - Truth Hurts (Darmon Edit)

09. Eran Hersh - Yums (Mili & Same Haze Remix) (Anorre Faded Edit)

10. Dj Burlak - Ban Go Ban Ga (Dimo (Bg) Remix)

11. Eran Hersh - Bame Dame

12. Malio - La Musica

3. Eran Hersh, Dmitry Ko - Patt

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Truly one of the most exciting export products Miami has to offer these days - Amal Nemer is taking the scene by storm since her beginning in 2021. Today she is a talented DJ and music producer making her way through the industry by leaps and bounds.


01. Monserratt, Sparrow & Barbossa - Sigue Mi Camino Feat. Amal Nemer
02. Flaminik - Wha Hay
03. Amal Nemer - Muchos Besos
04. Super Flu - Pantura Feat. She-Ra
05. Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona - Afrotik
06. Dimo (Bg), Amal Nemer - Be Here
07. Amal Nemer - Hawā
08. Edip - Trip Two
09. Amal Nemer - Roller Coaster
10. Tete (Col) - Mamasita
11. Noisse, Sono (Col) - Efecto
12. Augusto Yepes, Calussa - Bayamo
13. Amal Nemer Ft Tankovitz - Survive
14. Amal Nemer - Aire

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This week's episode brings CHUS back with his live performance at the Warung Pool Party Miami Art Basel Edition, where he shared the DJ booth with talents such as Brian Cid, Albuquerque, Patrick M, Kike Roldan, Nico Moon, and Ketzal. The Brazilian Electronic music temple has landed in Miami, and this episode is a tribute from CHUS.

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Meet Pepo & Pacho, the dynamic duo hailing from Bulgaria; with a growing fan base and a reputation for delivering captivating performances, Pepo & Pacho are undoubtedly carving their niche in the East Europe electronic music landscape. They recently dropped their latest release on Stereo Productions 'Code Night EP.,' where they showcase their ability to craft intricate soundscapes, blending elements of progressive and melodic textures

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Vanjee is a versatile electronic music DJ and producer who has been a prominent figure in the scene for over two decades. He can captivate audiences with intimate house music sets or deliver marathon tech and melodic performances at powerhouse clubs and festivals, especially in cities like New York, Miami, BPM, and Burning Man. He has recently released a collaborative EP with Remod called 'Mirage,' featuring three outstanding tracks. Enjoy this incredible show!

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