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This week, we journeyed to Miami to welcome ERAN HERSH a DJ and producer synonymous with success—the King Midas of Afro House. Having reached the number one spot on all charts with remixes of popular songs don't miss the last podcast of the year, in stereo.


01. Eran Hersh, Augusto Yepes - Devi

02. The Martinez Brothers - Rizzla (Mili Edit)

03. Tayllor - Talking Drums

04. Grossomoddo - 1001 Nuits

05. Marc Werner - Whistles

06. Eran Hersh, Blondish, Darmon, Madonna - Sorry

07. Renegade Harder Darmon Edit

08. Baron, Darmon - Elorra - Truth Hurts (Darmon Edit)

09. Eran Hersh - Yums (Mili & Same Haze Remix) (Anorre Faded Edit)

10. Dj Burlak - Ban Go Ban Ga (Dimo (Bg) Remix)

11. Eran Hersh - Bame Dame

12. Malio - La Musica

3. Eran Hersh, Dmitry Ko - Patt

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Truly one of the most exciting export products Miami has to offer these days - Amal Nemer is taking the scene by storm since her beginning in 2021. Today she is a talented DJ and music producer making her way through the industry by leaps and bounds.


01. Monserratt, Sparrow & Barbossa - Sigue Mi Camino Feat. Amal Nemer
02. Flaminik - Wha Hay
03. Amal Nemer - Muchos Besos
04. Super Flu - Pantura Feat. She-Ra
05. Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona - Afrotik
06. Dimo (Bg), Amal Nemer - Be Here
07. Amal Nemer - Hawā
08. Edip - Trip Two
09. Amal Nemer - Roller Coaster
10. Tete (Col) - Mamasita
11. Noisse, Sono (Col) - Efecto
12. Augusto Yepes, Calussa - Bayamo
13. Amal Nemer Ft Tankovitz - Survive
14. Amal Nemer - Aire

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This week's episode brings CHUS back with his live performance at the Warung Pool Party Miami Art Basel Edition, where he shared the DJ booth with talents such as Brian Cid, Albuquerque, Patrick M, Kike Roldan, Nico Moon, and Ketzal. The Brazilian Electronic music temple has landed in Miami, and this episode is a tribute from CHUS.

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Meet Pepo & Pacho, the dynamic duo hailing from Bulgaria; with a growing fan base and a reputation for delivering captivating performances, Pepo & Pacho are undoubtedly carving their niche in the East Europe electronic music landscape. They recently dropped their latest release on Stereo Productions 'Code Night EP.,' where they showcase their ability to craft intricate soundscapes, blending elements of progressive and melodic textures

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Vanjee is a versatile electronic music DJ and producer who has been a prominent figure in the scene for over two decades. He can captivate audiences with intimate house music sets or deliver marathon tech and melodic performances at powerhouse clubs and festivals, especially in cities like New York, Miami, BPM, and Burning Man. He has recently released a collaborative EP with Remod called 'Mirage,' featuring three outstanding tracks. Enjoy this incredible show!

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Dean Mickoski, a dynamic force in the music scene, calls New York City home as a prolific music producer, DJ, and entertainer. His dedication shines through in the creation of unparalleled beats and enchanting compositions. Specializing in the realms of Deep Tech and Melodic House, Dean's ambitious and magnetic productions have firmly established him as a cornerstone of the city's nightlife.

01. Thomas Jack - Take You There 
02. Space Motion feat. Sofiya Nzau - Keyta 
03. DJ Chus, D Formation - New Dawn 
04. Copyright, Showell - Kama Yeah (Samm, MAXI MERAKI, Marlin Remix)
05. Frigid Armadillo, Njivinator - Penga (Madmotormiquel & Anna Almani Remix)
06. Jay de Lys, Strada, Ralo - Homeless 
07. Samm (BE) - Does It Matter (Ajna (BE) Remix) 
08. Johan Mila - Disco Fever
09. Danny Serrano - Karoo
10. Mauri Fly - Red Tribal (Silvano Del Gado Remix)
11. Tom Nolan - Big Ears
12. Dean Mickoski, Tom & Collins - Brisa

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Making a splash in the late months of 2021, KeeQ emerges as a promising newcomer in the underground dance music realm. His musical approach seamlessly blends elements of house and techno, enriched with tribal and emotive nuances. KeeQ draws inspiration from industry luminaries such as CHUS, Nic Fanciulli, HotSince 82, Mele, Steve Lawler, and Nick Curly, shaping his own distinctive production style.


01. Nick Curly - Mute Navigator (Black Circle Remix)
02. Eric Volta - Django (KeeQ Remix) 
03. Blondish, KeeQ ft Chloe Paige - The Cure 
04. KeeQ - Wrongful Doing 
05. Traumer - Cyclo
06. KeeQ - Such A Loneliness (Nick Curly Dub)
07. KeeQ - Enough
08. KeeQ, Talon - Magic Touch
09. Joris Voorn, Alex Kennon - Blinding Lights (Joris Voorn Remix)
10. KeeQ - BeDaOne 
11. Fake Mood, DIBIDABO - Coconana 
12. Danny Serrano, KeeQ - Emphasis
13. Dosem - Chase The Link
14. KeeQ, Danny Serrano - Crazy

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Welcome to CHUS episode live recorded at Ad Sidera Semper festival in the tropical paradise of Bocas del Toro, Panama. an unforgettable journey through the pulsating beats in a magical place, CHUS shares an electrifying live recorded show from this mesmerizing event. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms, beautiful melodies, and infectious energy of the dance floor as CHUS transports you to the heart of the Caribbean for an unforgettable musical experience.

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Andrew Meller, a Serbian-born DJ and Producer, is celebrated for his high-energy productions and eclectic musical tastes. With over a decade in the industry, he's explored various musical personas before arriving at his current disposition. Drawing inspiration from music legends, his experience as a musician shines through in his work. Andrew's sound seamlessly blends progressive and techno influences, resulting in a powerful and dynamic style.

This show includes Dee Montero's "Bahama" and Danny Serrano's "Karoo," both released on Stereo Productions, along with some of Andrew Meller's tracks from Dynamic and unreleased material.

01. Dee Montero - Bahama (Sunset Chant Mix 114 BPM) / Stereo Productions 
02. Andrew Meller - MMNT / DIYNAMIC
03. Andrew Meller - Babe / Unreleased
04. Danny Serrano - Karoo / Stereo Productions
05. Matthew Styles - Clandestine Emotions / Crosstown Rebels
06. Tal Fussman - Memo / Innervisions
07. Andrew Meller - Club Erotic / REWLER Records
08. Andrew Meller - Sinner / REWLER Records
09. Junior M - Pleasing You / E-Missions
10. Rafael Cerato - Glory (feat. Far&High) / Diynamic
11. Andrew Meller - DASH / REWLER Records
12. Mnbv - Countless / REWLER Records
13. VØLT3K - ¥Otta / Breath Of Creation
14. Martin Patino - Make Love / Freerange

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Indulge in this week's episode featuring LA SANTA, the driving force behind Redolent Music, alongside CHUS, a DJ and producer whose creative palette draws from different electronic genres. Fusing these diverse cultural influences has empowered her to craft a distinct and evocative musical essence. Through her work, she forges a remarkable and profound sense of connection, elevating the listener on an inner voyage. Her DJ sets are a symphony of sensitivity, harmony, and an abundant infusion of groove, drums, and ethnic roots.

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Get ready for an incredible Danny Serrano mixtape of the  Podcast! This week, Danny takes the reins, and we've got a scorching lineup of new music for your ears, including his latest EP with Karoo, Echoes an Imagination, already supported by world-class top DJs.


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Osadon steps into the spotlight this week, taking over from CHUS. Up next, we've got fresh tracks from a stellar lineup, including Nick Curly, Eddy M, Alvaro Am, Marlon C, Jasper James, Sante Sansone, Franz Costa, and many more. Plus, don't miss Osadon's latest productions and the scorching hit 'DDD' released on the label. Immerse yourself in the ultimate Stereo sound experience.


01. Ernesto Fereyra - M.Rise
02. Osadon - Step 2
03. Mahoony & Floog - Continued
04. Lisa Lee - When Can I Call You (Tommy Musto & Frankie Bones Remix)
05. Rossi - Pass The Blunt
06. Kevin Corral - Flush Draw
07. Eddy M - Cant Stop This
08. Sante Sansone - Conversion 
09. Franz Costa - Milk
10. Alvaro Am - Close To Me (Jeff Sorkowitz Remix)
11. Nick Curly - Squib
12. Marlon C. Passionate Flow
13. Jasper James - Rise
14. Osadon - Just Say
14. Osadon - DDD


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Get ready to dance with this electrifying 1-hour DJ Chus mix, taken from his latest performance at Night Club Flash in Washington DC. Featuring a dynamic blend of house, techno, and progressive beats, this mix is guaranteed to keep you moving from start to finish. Don't miss out on this unforgettable live set from Papa Chus in one of his favorite venues!

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Introducing the electrifying Senzala Podcast on Stereo Productions! Senzala presents their highly anticipated new EP,'Ardour,' on the label exclusively in this show. Join us as we explore the mind-bending sounds of Senzala right here on Stereo Productions. Tune in, turn up the volume, and let the music speak for itself.


01. Afefe Iku - Sister Georgia 
02. Senzala - Ardour
03. Senzala - Tukano 
04. ARMADYAN - Tulila (Manoo Remix)
05. Senzala - ID 
06. Nico de Andrea & Vanetty - Ethnica
07. Claudio Ricci - Barasu Ayo
08. Senzala - ID 
09. Senzala - ID 
10. Senzala, Brandon Lucas - My Tribe (Senzala Remix)
11. Darmon, Baron (FR) - Ellora
12. &ME, Rampa, Adam Port - Pussy Power

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Discover Colombia's rising electronic music sensation, Gianni Ruocco, on Stereo Productions. Dive into pulsating beats and innovative sounds as he takes you on a sonic journey. Join us for a groove-filled mixtape experience.

01. Wilgenis Vergara, Will Garcia - Babalu
02. Wilgenis Vergara - Unidos
03. Wilgenis Vergara - Llamado Africano
04. Rema - Calm Down
05. Natema, Sugar Hill, M0B - Yemanja
06. Gianni Ruocco, Oscar Ocampo, J Raico - Bayambo
07. Rober Cruz, Juanjo Fenoy, Hever Jara, Barbara Perez - Maria Lionza
08. FEX (IT) - Hablando
09. Caseroloops - Cavernicolas (Dj Hermes & Mijangos Remix)
10. Bontan - Despacio
11. Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona - Afrotik
12. Augusto Yepes, Sounds Of Rituals - My Way
13. Ajna (BE), Samm (BE) - Rinketin
14. Heri Gomez - Roots
15. Aaron Sevilla, Mijangos, Peppe Citarella, Yoni La Voz - Ella Quiere Fuego
16. DJ Roberto DaSilva, Lemo - Una Latina En Tulum
17. AMEME - Loca

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Step into the world of electronic rhythms and beats with Victor Calderone's music podcast on Stereo Productions. Dive deep into the pulsating sounds of the underground as Calderone curates an electrifying audio journey, featuring the finest in techno.

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Johan Mila has evolved from being known for his elegant Deep House and Nu Disco sound to embracing the avant-garde world of Techno. His musical journey has led him to travel throughout Europe, where he has had the privilege of warming up for esteemed artists such as Maceo Plex, Seth Troxler, Patrice Bäumel, Miss Kittin, Sven Väth, and many others. Furthermore, he is set to release new music on Stereo Productions later this year.


01. Budakid - Milestones Make A Dance (Deep_Acid_Mix) Exploited

02. Third Person - Signs (Dirty_Doering_Remix) Katermukke

03. Man Parrish, Claptone - Flashdance (feat. Man Parrish) (Extended Mix)

04. Skatman - Oldskool (Original Mix)

05. Tal Fussman - Parallel Reality (Original Mix)

06. Johan Mila - Rodeo Drive (Original Mix)

07. Portugal. The Man - Dummy (Chris Lake Remix)

08. Redshape - Acid Leak (Original Mix)

09. Biscits & Max Mylo - Feed Your Soul (Original Mix)

10. Joyce Muniz - Buzzing (Original Mix)

11. Jansons - Studio Electronic (Original Mix)

12. Arg.o, - Disco Venezia (Musumeci Remix)


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Chus is super excited to share another fantastic event with you all. Recorded live at Matta Tel Aviv, where he played his late remixes and new projects, including a new studio collaboration with D-formation called 'New Day,' a super secret weapon in all CHUS DJ sets. Less talking and more dancing, let's get to the show and dance to the beat in stereo.

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This week, we'd like to introduce you to Somer Soltan, a promising young talent originating from Brussels. Within this mix, you'll have the opportunity to explore an assortment of his most recent and unreleased exclusive tracks. Among these gems are selections that will soon grace renowned labels such as Stereo Productions and Solomun's Dynamic label. These tracks have been masterfully woven together, resulting in an exceptional musical voyage.

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With more than 25 years of deejaying and producing career, D-FORMATION is one of the Spanish most respected electronic music artists worldwide. Owner of the BEATFREAK RECORDINGS, the first Spanish underground electronic music label since 1997.

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Luca Saporito (Audiofly) joins us on the Stereo Productions podcast as we dive into the dynamic blend of electronic rhythms, featuring enchanting tracks and exclusive releases from his label Super Sapiens and Redolent Music. 

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Time for the second part of this year's July 4th celebrations in Miami. Maestro CHUS brings the heat again with his infectious beats, with the set recorded live at the Boat Party right under the lights of the Independence Day fireworks!

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Axel Haube is all about dark driven vibes with subtle yet deep sounds and a dash of musical ecstasy. Axel is no stranger to leading festivals and clubs like Tomorrowland (Afterlife Stage). With releases on labels such as Watergate Records, Running Clouds & Click Records, Axel has has no intention of stopping any time soon!

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Berlin-based musician and label head Einmusik is undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed representatives of Melodic House & Techno, and for good reason. With a musical cosmos that spans across some of the world's most esteemed labels, the German producer's boundless creativity knows no bounds, leading him to produce under multiple monikers, including his real name (Samuel Kindermann) and pseudonyms like Resil, Ophir Project, and Seriously Tight. His diverse range of productions and undeniable talent have solidified his position as a driving force in the electronic music scene.


01. Estiva, Diana Miro - Snow Flower / Colorize (Enhanced)
02. Einmusik - Nassau / Einmusika Rec.
03. Cassian x ICEHOUSE - Great Southern Land / Rose Avenue
04. Aacht - 2216 / Einmusika Rec.
05. Moonwalk & Anden ft. HANA - Pendulum / Odd One Out
06. Einmusik - I’ll Follow feat. Richard Judge / Embassy Rec.
07. Bob Sinclar - Adore / Yellow Productions
08. Olivier Giacomotto - Curandero / Atlant
09. Felix Raphael - Pieces (Hidden Empire Remix) / Einmusika Rec.
10. Einmusik & Solee - Mariposa / Future Romance
11. Einmusik & Jordan Arts - The Ones / unreleased
12. Joseph Ray - Room 1.5 / Anjunadeep

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This week we have a unique set by Renowned Miami DJs, and producers Patrick M and Rob More have again joined forces to form DYAB deliver music bots, like the release on Stereo Productions, featuring two exceptional tracks, "Yaiya" and "Space Machine," each showcasing their unique musical styles and expert production skills. 


01. Kadosh (Il),  Melödisch, Moodintrigo - Never Too Late
02. Rbrn - Koka
03. Lehar - Let People Know (Luke Alessi Remix)
04. Adam Ten,  Yamagucci - The Girl Next Door
05. Maz (Br) Somma, Coach Harrison - Body Language 
06. Patrick M & Rob More - Space Machine
07. Patrick M & Rob More - Ya I Ya
08. Camelphat, Josh Gigante - Your Mind
09. Snyl, Noydoe, Bonnie Spacey - Wolf
10. Empire Of Yumi (Dyab Edit)
11. I Feel Mamba (Dyab Edit)
12. Abrão, Ayala (It)  - A Mente Delira (Musumeci Remix) 

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Freshly baked and delivered for the July 4th celebrations in Miami, maestro CHUS brings the heat with his infectious beats this week with the nighttime set recorded live at Paraiso Estereo Night Club. Stay tuned for part two, recorded live at the Boat Party right under the lights of the Independence Day fireworks! You will find on this week's mix Patrick M & Rob More's new single for Stereo Productions 'Space Machine.'

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Dilby is a highly talented artist, originally from New Zealand; hailing from Germany, he takes the world by storm with his unique take on underground music. Crafted from a classic house and techno palette but presented with a fresh modern twist. His sound is rich, warm, and musical but aimed squarely at the dancefloor. He has been making waves in the electronic music scene become one of the top-selling artists in some genres like Deep House. ,. With a keen ear for captivating melodies and infectious rhythms, Dilby carved out his unique sound that effortlessly blends deep house, tech house, and techno elements.


01. Trancesetters - Roaches (Dilby Rework)
02. Dilby - Last Word
03. Joeski, DJ Chus, Jimmy Lopez - Creo en Dios
04. Butch - El Camion (Ellroy Remix)
05. Dilby - Something About The Music
06. Danny Serrano - Alegria
07. Alcatraz - Giv Me Luv (H Foundation Remix)
08. Haska, Salif Keita - Madan (Ejeca Tribal Remix)
09. Danish - Lift You Up
10. Cevin Fisher - Love You Some More (Cevin Fisher Extended Remix)
11. Collective Machine - Going On
12. Martin H - Over (Markus Homm Remix)
13. Dilby - The Station feat. DNCN 

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Born in Malaga, Caravaca's style traverses through house, tech house, and various sub-genres such as afro melodic and techno. His sound is characterized by its smooth, lively, and playful nature, taking listeners on a captivating deep journey that embraces a dark yet seductive atmosphere, complemented by powerful basslines.

01. Caravaca - Homeless Soul / Bar25
02. Jos & Eli - Tanzania (Blond_ish Remix) / MoBlack Records
03. Anis Hachemi - Yeh Yeh / SP Recordings
04. Moojo - Healing / MoBlack Records
05. Kaiq, Wilian Kraupp - Volcano / Stereo Productions
06. The Deepshakerz & Rion S - Sirens / United Beats Records
07. Gespona - Umbra / Stil Vor Talent
08. Offer Nissim, Mr.Black - Mucho Bien (Joezi Extended Remix) / Go Deeva Records
09. Sugar Hill, Natema - Make Him Love / TRANSA RECORDS
10. Moojo, Arodes - Reborn / MoBlack Records
11. Caravaca - Awesome People / Under No Illusion

Daniel Rateuke - Maroona / Stereo Productions

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Get ready to enjoy this week's episode hosted by German artist DANIEL RATEUKE. He is synonymous with a groovy afro house and melodic techno sounds, which have become his trademark. His love for these genres is perfectly reflected in his productions, which can be found on esteemed labels such as Stil Vor Talent, Monaberry, Get Physical, and MoBlack Records. With percussions here and drums there, his music is always driving and heartfelt!

01. Daniel Rateuke - Bumcha
02. Tom & Collins, Dean Mickoski - Brisa
03. Daniel Rateuke - Maroona
04. Sinvergüenza - Matangi (feat. Tiago Dima)
05. Mozambo, Meloko - Osaya
06. Daniel Rateuke - Jamando (The Deepshakerz Rework)
07. AfroDee - Moufasa
08. Daniel Rateuke - Sinayu [Stereo Productions]
09. Dave Kurtis - Gulateca
10. Daniel Rateuke - Lonaro
11. The Angels - Kilimanjaro
12. DJ T. - Move Your Body
13. Blindsmyth - Hack Into Your Soul (JAMIIE Remix)

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CHUS delivers an electrifying live set at Space of Sound to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this legendary venue in Madrid, captivating the crowd with his exceptional talent and infectious energy. CHUS masterfully blended diverse musical styles and music anthems, keeping the audience on their feet and entranced throughout the unforgettable night.

Direct download: CHUS__LIVE_FROM_SPACE_OF_SOUND__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_510.mp3
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Oscar de Rivera has established a remarkable and enduring career spanning over 30 years, characterized by unwavering dedication, exceptional quality, and unshakeable self-confidence. Throughout his journey, Oscar has demonstrated a seamless ability to adapt and excel in various electronic music genres, seamlessly navigating the realms of Deep House to the most cutting-edge and underground sounds. His versatility and prowess as a musician are evident as he effortlessly navigates through different styles, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Oscar's commitment to his craft has cemented his position as a true icon in the Spanish electronic music scene.


02. Daniel Rateuke - Sinayu
03. Shay Dt - El fuego en mi
04. Massive Attack - Girl i love you (Emi Galvan Unofficial Remix)
05. Senzala - Tukano
06. DJ Dep - Busy Busy Busy
07. Cajmere, Dajae - Brighter Days (Marco Lys Remix)
08. Victor Calderone, Avision - Chemical
09. Silvano Del Gado - Esperando (Óscar de Rivera Unofficial ARDE Edit)
10. Danny Serrano - Jubilo
11. Jimi Jules - Speed Meditation
12. Mulya - Marvin
13. Dino Lenny - Talk To Me (Dino Lenny & Damon Jee Mix)

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Born in Israel, Shay Dotan is a talented artist known for his captivating tribal house sound. Influenced by psy-trance, acid-house, and techno, he ventured into creating his own electronic music, showcasing a dynamic range across various genres. With record deals and the support of renowned DJs and radio stations, Shay's music continues to captivate fans worldwide.


01. Shay dT- More Rhythm
02. DJ Chus, Joeski, Jimmy Lopez - Creo en Dios
03. Kenny Brian - Te Voy A Dar
04. Joeski - Afrolatinism
05. Cheyne Christian, Nes Mburu - Wakala
06. Shay dT - Peperuka
07. Daniel Steinberg - Lost in the Amazonas
08. Luis Radio, Stefano Guerra - Bazaar (Mijangos & Peppe Citarella Remix)
09. Daniel Rateuke - Wonim
10. Brutal Bill - Destiny (Saliva Commandos Afro Mix)
11. JC Delacruz - Reglas de Congo
12. Shay dT - Afrobeats
13. Mikki Afflick - Da Stankness (An AfflickteD Soul Mix)
14. DJ Wady, MoonDark - Babalua (Afroloko Mix)
15. Shay dT - Hewani
16. Roger Sanchez, Oba Frank Lords - Alma Roja (DJ CHUS Remix)

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La Santa, Live From Miami, is a captivating set that takes you straight to the heart of the Stereo Productions showcase in Miami. La Santa brings the pulsating energy of the event directly to your ears. Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge sounds of La Santa as she curates a seamless blend of house and techno, delivering an unforgettable musical journey, Get ready to dance!


01. Dennis Cruz - Una Rumbita
02. Massive Attack - Girl I Love You (Emi Galvan Unofficial Remix)
03. Berkan & Orkun Bozdemir - Jungle Crossing
04. Tommy Wahl - Itza (CHUS Dark Beat Private Edit)
05. Dennis Cruz - Los Tamales
06. Dave Mayer, Deeplomatik - Hustle Tribes (Deepshakerz Mix)
07. Joeski - A La Vida feat. Xiomara Torres
08. DJ Michael Flume - Agolele (Chus & Ceballos Remix)
09. Bruno Furlan - Bongoloco
10. Tinariwen - Oulahila (Super Flu Edit)
11. Tektonauts, Armandd G - La Aguja (Miami Edit) [Stereo Productions]
12. Bruno Furlan - Vai
13. Dr. Kucho!, Adonis Alvarez - La Tarde Se Ha Puesto Triste feat. Marta Bolanos

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Welcome to the Gareth Cole Music Podcast, Prepare to immerse yourself in a mesmerizing auditory experience curated by the exceptionally talented Gareth Cole. Known for his deep, dark, and hypnotic sound, Gareth has captivated dancefloors worldwide, igniting a frenzy in clubs across the globe.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Gareth Cole's rise in the underground music scene has been nothing short of meteoric. Starting as a revered resident DJ, his unique sound quickly caught the attention of some of the industry's finest tastemakers. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Sasha, Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, and Guy J in his formative years, Gareth was initially captivated by the progressive house sound through legendary mixes such as Global Underground and Transitions. These influences have shaped his musical journey and continue to drive his impeccable selections.

01. Audioglider - Depth Perception (Rigooni Remix)
02. Cocho - Coast Fantasy
03. Atish, Vridian - Instant Transmission (Mihai Popoviciu & Markus Homm Remix)
04. Eduardo McGregor, Mitch Oliver - Striking Vipers
05. Gareth Cole - Courage
06. James Solace - Jungle
07. Danny Serrano - Mantra
08. Pig & Dan, Siavash - Riddler
09. Halo Varga - Future (Guy J Remix)
10. G. Pal, Simon Vuarambon - 3rd of July (Simon Vuarambon Retouch)
11. Gareth Cole - Drawn to the Dark
12. Adrian Hour - What You Need

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A new CHUS podcast episode, recorded live in our beloved Mexico, specifically in Luzy Boom, Guadalajara, the land of tequila, where we have great friends and fans to whom we send a warm hug! Viva Mexico Carnales!

Direct download: CHUS__LIVE_FROM_MEXICO__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_505.mp3
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Danny Serrano is back on the Stereo Productions podcast with an incredible set full of energy and groove, showcasing the signature sound fans have come to expect from the Madrid-based producer and DJ. Featuring his latest EP 'Alegria', which is already making waves among the elite of electronica, this set is not to be missed!

Direct download: DANNY_SERRANO__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_504.mp3
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Sam Holland is a rising star in the world of electronic music, with a string of successful releases on labels such as Four Thirty Two, Club Bad, Too Many Rules, and Knee Deep In Sound. With an affinity for disco and tribal house, Sam's unique sound has gained him a loyal following and bookings from promoters. He recently launched his own HEART + MIND imprint, which has garnered support from industry heavyweights. Sam is a talent to watch in 2023 and beyond. This set includes the track "What Ya Need" by Adrian Hour on Stereo Productions, as well as some of Sam Holland's own productions.


01. Sean Harrington - Let's Get Down
02. Ben Rau - French Plan
03. Sam Holland - Desires
04. Sam Holland - Body Rush
05. Nathan Alzon - Nairobi
06. Unknown
07. Simon Kidzoo - 1 Thang
08. Matrefakt - Love 2 C
09. Rui Da Silva - Touch Me (Peace Division Mix)
10. Adrian Hour - What Ya Need
11. Rennie Pilgrem, BLIM - 2 Freaks (Dub Mix)
12. DJ Tennis - Intercooler
13. Chambray, Laurent Garnier - Feelin' Good (Radio Slave Remix)

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Pomboklap is a passionate and sensitive DJ and producer, who brings energy and transcendence to each of his sets. He is capable of making quick connections on every dance floor, and his eclecticism and groove transform the atmosphere. He is a resident at key clubs and events in Madrid (Lula Club, Istar Club, Lab the Club, After Brunch) and Ibiza, spreading his sound and style at legendary venues such as Cova Santa, Pachá, Akasha, and Beach House, among others. With a house sound influenced by deep, afro, indie, and disco, his sets are a snowball of sensations and musical possibilities. As a producer, he has released music for prominent labels such as Redolent, Hurry Up Slowly, Pipe & Pochet, Deeplomatic, Tortuga Tribes, and Animo Records.

01. Louie Gomez , Marisa Lopez - Stronger Together  (Melo Blanco Remix) / Bassment Tapes
02. Iman Hanzo & Jinadu - For Love / Clepsydra
03. Elias R - With Your / Snatch! Records
04. Amine K - Venus / Stereo Productions
05. Inamo - La Llama (Super Flu Remix) / Truecolors
06. Mendo - Inocencia / Cadenza
07. Made By Pete,Zoe Kypri - Horizon Red / Crostown Rebels
08. Luke Alessi - Everybody Dancing / Thick As Thieves
09. London Grammar - Rooting For You / Roberto Edit
10. Gardenstate - 1995 (Simon Doty´s Housed Upmix) / Anjunabeats
11. Pomboklap - La Culpa Es Mia / Unreleased
12. Stevie Nicks - Edge Of Seventeen (Samantha Loveridge Edit)

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Get ready to dance with this electrifying 1-hour DJ Chus mix, recorded live at Flash DC. Featuring a dynamic blend of house, techno, and progressive beats, this mix is guaranteed to keep you moving from start to finish. Don't miss out on this unforgettable live set from Papa Chus in one of his favorite venues!

Direct download: CHUS__LIVE_FROM_WASHINGTON_DC__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_501.mp3
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We have reached 500 shows at Stereo Productions Podcast, and for this special occasion, we welcomed our friends, Catz 'N Dogz, the acclaimed Polish DJ and production duo known for their unique blend of house and techno. The pair brought their signature sound, selecting tracks that ranged from deep and moody to high-energy and uplifting with expert mixing and a keen sense of musicality. The set includes our latest release with DJ Chus & Joeski 'Creo en Dios' and remixes and unreleased productions by Catz 'N Dogz.


01. Pegasvs Feat. Xuli - Drinking With My Eyes
02. Fernanda Arrau - March Point (Djs Pareja Remix)
03. Smash TV & Kiki - Flashing Excitement
04. Dj Chus & Joeski - Creo En Dios
05. Chucky73 - Vete y Dile (Catz ’n Dogz Remix)
06. Renato Cohen - Benzine
07. Hessler - Static Samba (Catz ’n Dogz Edit)
08. Sessionn Victim - Motivation
09. Rhode & Brown & Bejamin Frohlich - Days Of Innocence (Bliss Inc. Remix)
10. Catz ’n Dogz - Reincarnation 
11. Giore - El Tiempo
12. Miljon - What Does It Take (Kornel Kovacs Remix)

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Join Sinisa Tamamovic on the Stereo Productions podcast for an immersive journey into the world of electronic music. With his expertly curated selection of techno and house tracks, Sinisa takes listeners on a sonic adventure that is both captivating and energizing.

01. Adrian Hour – Spoiler Boom / Stereo Productions
02. Roy Rosenfeld, Khen – Milongi / Lost Miracle
03. Agus O – Fresh Minds / Mindshake Records
04. Olivier Giacomotto – Daylight’s Delight / Yoshitoshi Recordings
05. Sinisa Tamamovic – Upside Down / Unreleased
06. Vibor – Amnesia / Night Light Records
07. D-Unity, Juli Aristy – Suena Mas Fuerte / Tronic
08. Chus & Ceballos – Go On! – Sinisa Tamamovic Remix / Unreleased
09. Sinisa Tamamovic – Deep Breath / Unreleased
10. Adam Ten, Mita Gami – High On / Crosstown Rebels
11. Gary Beck – Where Are You Going / Trick
12. Sinisa Tamamovic – Freeze Your Mind / Unreleased
13. Close Relative – Salt / Truesoul
14. Sinisa Tamamovic – Calls / Unreleased
15. Reiym, Oscar L – Shadows of Desire / Stereo Productions

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Yulia Niko is a DJ, producer, and label owner originally from Russia, but based in New York City. She has gained international recognition for her unique blend of techno and house music, and her productions have been released on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, and Watergate.

Direct download: YULIA_NIKO__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_498.mp3
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Welcome to the Stereo Productions podcast! We are thrilled to have a special guest mix from the talented Ronnie Spiteri. With his unique blend of driving beats and emotive melodies, Ronnie has been making waves in the electronic music scene. In this mixtape, Ronnie takes us on a journey through the underground sounds of techno and house, featuring a selection of his own productions as well as tracks from some of his favorite artists. Notably, the mix includes his latest release on the label Hypnotise EP

Direct download: RONNIE_SPITERI__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_497.mp3
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Get ready for another episode of the Stereo Productions podcast as CHUS returns with a thrilling set recorded live at It'll Do Club in Dallas. Known for his signature sound, CHUS delivers a seamless blend of groovy basslines, infectious beats, and soulful vocals that will keep you moving from start to finish. Tune in and let CHUSs take you on a journey through the sounds of the underground.

Direct download: CHUS__LIVE_FROM_DALLAS__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_496.mp3
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Oscar L is a highly acclaimed DJ and producer hailing from Spain. With over two decades of experience in the electronic music scene, he has become a renowned figure in the industry, with a reputation for delivering electrifying sets that get crowds moving, he has also established himself as a prolific producer, with releases on some of the most respected labels.

Direct download: OSCAR_L__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_495.mp3
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PAUZA is a groundbreaking Cuban electronic duo composed of two female artists, Zahira Sánchez and Paula Fernández. With their unique blend of house music, Latin rhythms, and Cuban folklore, they have reimagined and revitalized the Cuban musical traditions into new electronic sounds.

01. PAUZA ft Arema - Caliente
02. Apaga La Laz_(Pablo Fierro Afro Latino Remix)
03. Kofla - Tranquilo Bobi
04. Malone & PAUZA - Muy Bien
05. Azucar (PAUZA REMIX) Extended
06. Exotic - Shake It Out
07. DJ Elias - Burnin Drums On Fire (PAUZA Remix)
08. Emmanuel Jal - Hey Mama
09. PAUZA, Cristian Vinci - Sonido De Calle
10. Jimmix, Pauza - Papito Ft. Hilda Candela
11. Juan Luis Guerra - Vale La Pena (Kofla Edit)
12. Ricardo Criollo House - Animal Voices


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Hola Hola Amigos, welcome back to the Stereo Productions Podcast. This week, we are heading to Parklife Festival in Viña Del Mar, Chile, for a fantastic Day 1 event with The Klan, attended by more than 10,000 people.

Direct download: CHUS__LIVE_FROM_CHILE__Stereo_Productions_Podcast_493.mp3
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After being exposed to House music of the 90's, Barcelona based Piem was destined to journey into the world of underground music. These early musical experiences helped to shape Piem into a favourite on the Barcelona club scene with a residency at W Barcelona. Meanwhile, locking himself away in his studio honing his sound, Piem's dedication continues to pay off with releases on well revered labels; Stereo Productions, Knee Deep in Sound, Relief, Crosstown Rebels, Sola Nauts, Repopulate Mars, Nothing Else Matters...

01. Tuccillo - Es Fanki 
02. Anotr - Dancing In Secret 
03. Jordan Peak - Turbulence 
04. Tiptoes - Put Sum Down On It 
05. Honey Dijon - The Mixologist (Piem Remix)
06. Piem - Freak Out 
07. Danny Snowden - Past the Point of Return
08. Marco Lys - I’m Not Good For You 
09. Piem - Day & Night 
10. Piem & Crusy - Snap It Feat. Might Delete Later 
11. Mant & Todd Edwards - Provenance
12. SRVD - Brotha
13. Piem - Boy Don’t

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Originally from Ukraine, now based in Dubai. Olly performs in different genres with charisma and energy that spreads throughout the dancefloor, making every performance a success!


01. Demetra ,Lafreq - Miami Funk
02. Rampa, Keinemusik, Chuala - Les Gout
03. Pablo Fierro - Tembo
04. Augusto Yepes, Calussa - Bayamo
05. DJ Chus -  Underwater
06. Eelke Kleijn, Joris Voorn - Transmission - Joris Voorn Remix
07. Ben Kyps - Susurrame
08. Olly Klars - Full Moon
09. Simone Vitullo, Emanuele Esposito, Brigitte Wickens - I Put A Spell On You
10. Offer Nissim, Mr.Black, Joezi - Mucho Bien (Joezi Remix)
11. Arkadyan, Safar (Fr), Manoo - Tulila
12. Ameme - Balafonerra


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Hola Hola Amigos, welcome back to the stereo productions podcast. This week, we’re traveling to the old city of Guatemala, La Antigua de Guatemala, for a fantastic event of Stereo - Redolent Tribes at the land of the volcanos.

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Dean Mickoski is a multi-talented music producer, DJ, and entertainer living in New York City. Dean is dedicated to creating unique beats and captivating compositions. He specializes in deep house and tech house, and his ambitious, irresistible productions make him a nightclub's mainstay. This week's episode is hosted by DEAN MICKOSKI, featuring Dj Chus, Dean Mickoski ft Uhura - On Me - Malone Remix, and the brand new Dj Chus, Dean Mickoski - Panamera on Hurry Up Slowly!


01. Dean Mickoski - Colombiana 
02. Dj Chus, Dean Mickoski ft Uhura - On Me - Malone Remix 
03. Harry Romero - Aye Papi
04. Ohmme - Excess
05. Band&Dos - Perdido
06. Dj Chus, Dean Mickoski - Panamera 
07. Katz - Run it
08. Mele - Brooklyn Bounce 
09. Daddy's Groove & Ferdy - Latido 
10. Marco lys ft F Farrukh Sunshine
11. Warrior ft Nomvula Sa - Timanti
12. Mason Collective - Leave Me Alone

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Born in Switzerland, Philipp spends most of his time in the studio trying to develop new sounds. When discussing his creative process, it is mostly about synths and other sound generators. His debut single was Shingalin on Global Underground, which caused quite a stir. One of his career highlights was the Cosmic Dance Remix for Kellerkind, released on Stil Vor Talent.

01. Dario D’Attis - Breaks for Piece
02. Hector Couto, Danny Serrano - Ah Me End
03. David Herrero - Tierra
04. Italobros - Rey 
05. The Machine - Get Together (DJ Chus Mix) 
06. DJ Chus - Between Us feat. Velvet Voice (Redondo Remix) 
07. Fabio Ferro - Still Fly 
08. DJ Chus - Malestack (Mathias Kaden Remix) 
09. Felipe Puertes - Silver Stripes 
10. Domy Berardino, Francesco Tarantini - Mama Afrika (The Deepshakerz Remix)
11. Felipe Puertes - Everyone Has A Story

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