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Introducing Blueheist, the creative persona of a seasoned DJ and producer hailing from the vibrant city of Madrid, Spain. Over the past decade, Blueheist has traversed through diverse musical landscapes, weaving a tapestry of genres while staying anchored to the pulsating heartbeat of rhythm. With each evolution, Blueheist has honed a distinct sonic identity, blending tribal influences with entrancing melodies to craft an immersive auditory experience. Brace yourself for the imminent Blue takeover.

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Join Vite from Mexico and Miganova from Italy as they unite their passion for music in this one-of-a-kind podcast. Their visionary approach and unwavering dedication have become the cornerstone of Tulum's vibrant nightlife.


01. Budakid - Milestones

02. Lehar - Maybe Yes

03. Sahar - Differents Days (Hardt Antoine Remix)

04. Pôngo - Dazed

05. Maxim Lany Feat Audrey Jenssens - Mists Of Time

06. Vite & Miganova - My Life

07. Michael Ritter - Closure

08. Jesus Nava & Vite - Rise

09. Autoflower - Wallflower

10. Headwaters - Eternal Madness

11. Bebbo - Reflections

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Welcome to a new CHUS episode, recorded live during the very first "SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM" event in Bali, Indonesia, the Island of the Gods. Check out our YouTube channel to experience the worldwide series of this exhilarating event, alongside Redolent Music.

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Betoko, a Mexican-born producer now based in London, has swiftly ascended through the music industry ranks. His musical journey began in his teenage years when he honed his skills as a drummer in bands and experimented with guitar. It was during this time that his fascination with electronic music ignited. His early releases showcased a distinct style, seamlessly blending techno, minimal, and house influences. Betoko's music possesses an infectious quality that has graced renowned venues such as Amnesia, Warung, Green Valley, Space, Fabric, Ushuaia, and Kater Holzig, as well as numerous festivals and top clubs worldwide.

01. VRuno, Vincent Marlice - Agua Aoda
02. Camelphat - Running Man
03. Birdy - Paradise Calling - Henri Bergman Remix
04. Betoko - Raining Again - Magnetizm Remix
05. 1979 - Speedway
06. Innellea, Colin Feat Braev
07. Nihil Young & Juliane Wolf - Glacier
08. Luke Garcia - IY
09. Jono Stephenson Feat LUFS - Colours in the sky
10. Ryan Hill - Indigo
11. Lumine - ID (if there’s one thing)

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