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Sergio Fernandez (Spain) Mixtape

1. Eddie Amador - House Music (Redondo Remix) White Label
2. Alex Gomez & Bias - Thank U Beat (Original Mix) SK Supreme Records
3. Sergio Fernandez – I can´t Stop (Original Mix) Toolroom Records
4. Javi Alvado & THC - Police Is Coming (Markomas Remix) Ultradrum Records
5. Fernando Campo - Tribal Drone (Original Mix) - Shinshy Records
6. Carlos Mendes & Sin Plomo - Right Now (Belocca Mainground Dub) Mainground Music
7. Chris Soul – Unfinished Business (Original Mix) Nirvana
8. Pavel Petrov - Whirlwind (Original Mix)  Witty Tunes
9. Sergio Fernandez – Sweet Desire (Original Mix) Stereo Productions
10. Leonardo Gonnelli & Mennie - Want Yo (Original Mix) Suara

Sergio Fernandez on twitter: @djsfernandez
Sergio Fernandez on Facebook:

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Anthony Attalla (USA) Mixtape

1. Sammy W, Alex E, Dubfound - The Night
2. Affkt - Soul (NiCe7 Remix)
3. Swedish House Mafia - Don't Worry Child (Joris Voorn Remix)
4. Stefano Ritteri - Let Us Pray (Jaymo & Andy George Refix '96)
5. Chiqito - Gangbang
6. DJ Anna - Take A Ride
7. The Deepshakerz - Absinthe
8. The Young Old Guy - Toyg (Manuel De La Mare Remix)
9. Leonardo Gonnelli - Face To Face (Daniel Sanchez Remix)
10. Chus + Ceballos - Partenza! (Anthony Attalla Remix)

As we enter 2013, Anthony Attalla has firmly established himself as a rising star in the electronic music community. His personal growth in the studio as a producer and on stage as a performer has the industries biggest taste makers proclaiming that Anthony is set to break out in the coming year. Never resting on his laurels, Anthony has also demonstrated his passion for the business side of the industry by creating a platform to showcase his favorite talent through Incorrect Music, his music production-company, which has proven to be a most successful endeavor.

Anthony Attalla on twitter: @anthonyattalla
Anthony Attalla on Facebook:

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Miami Vibes :: Mixed by Oscar L

Track list:

01 Redondo - The Early Hours (Original Mix)
02 Patrick M - Once Again (Original Mix)
03 Wade - Coconut Grove (Original Mix)
04 Anthony Attalla - Borderline (Original Mix)
05 Sergio Fernandez - Sweet Desire (Original Mix)
06 Sabb - Feel Love (Original mix)
07 DJ Chus, Rafa Barrios - Xango (Original Mix)
08 Escribano - Jucaro (Original Mix)
09 Oscar L - Hold It (Original Mix)
10 Max Noize , Nello Falcitano - N.Y.P. Disco (Original Mix)
11 Alex Costa - RailRoad Camp (Original Mix)
12 Tony Dee - Time To Time (Original Mix)
13 Elio Riso - Take Off (Original Mix)

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This year, Stereo!OnTour will land for the first time in Miami just for Winter Music Conference where two big events will take place with Chus+Ceballos as headliners.

Madrid, March 4th, 2013. Stereo!OnTour keeps touring and this time lands in Miami for the Second year in a row after being present at the BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen and at Sala La Riviera in Madrid. In the WMC past edition, Stereo hosted a massive success event at the legendary and well-known Club Space Miami with Chus+Ceballos at the top of the line-up.

This year, Stereo!OnTour will give rise to two important events in what is probably the most important Electronic Music Industry Conference and where year after year, thousands of people meet to enjoy the music played by the biggest DJs in the world; it’s the Winter Music Conference.

The first event will take place at the legendary Club Space Miami next Saturday March 16th, at the Terrace and the Techno Loft with artists from Stereo and great guest ones invited by Chus+Ceballos, who will be at the top of the line-up plus DJs as amazing as Alx, Anthony Attalla, David Penn, Hollen & Tony Dee, Marciano, Mladen Tomic, Oscar L, Patrick M, Rafa Barrios, Richie Santana & Peter Bailey, Sabb, Sergio Fernandez y The Cube Guys. Sergio Fernandez, Oscar L and Rafa Barrios are the new additions to Talento DJ Agency’s roster, Stereo Productions’ sister Agency.

Next Tuesday February 21st, Chus+Ceballos will be headliners again of the Second Stereo event at the yacht The Musette, an exclusive yacht that will be touring round Miami and along with Patrick M, Anthony Attalla and RJ Pickens to add a sunrise soundtrack in a special atmosphere.

Miami is one of the cities where the tour of Chus+Ceballos pass through during the year. Being an important occasion such important as the WMC, Chus+Ceballos are featured once again and underline how important their presence is in Miami, being headliners of two big events and performing also at the infamous Ultra Music Festival among other great parties in Miami.

Stereo! On Tour @ Club Space Miami
Saturday 16th March, 2013. 10PM-Closing

34 NE 11th ST
Miami, FL. CP: 33132 USA

•    Tickets:

A Stereo! Sunset @ The Musette Yacht
Thursday 21st March, 2013. 4PM-Closing

The Musette – 401 Biscayne Boulevard
Downtown Miami, FL. CP: 33132 USA

•    Event on Facebook:
•    Tickets:


 Twitter @stereoprod

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Chus & Ceballos Live set from Day 1 @ Stereo Montreal (Part 03)

Video Teaser:…amp;v=sIVAVeW77SA

Tracklist: Not Available

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Joa Escribano (Spain) Mixtape


01. DJ Chus, Pablo Ceballos & Marlon D - Partenza (Original Mix) (Stereo Productions)
02. D-Formation & Tini Garcia - Come On (Original Mix) (Stereo Productions)
03. RedHead - Baloo (Original Mix) (Suara)
04. Sergio Fernandez - Aborigines (Original Mix) (Stereo Productions)
05. Christian Dehugo - Papatone (Original Mix) (Nervous Records)
06. Yamil - Ay Candela (Lui Maldonado Remix) (Vamos Music)
07. Escribano - Jucaro (Original Mix) (Unreleased)
08. Chus, Nuno Clam feat. Velvet Voice - Between Us (Original Mix) (Stereo Productions)
09. Frankie Dep - The Tattoo I Wanted (Danny Serrano Remix) (Area Remote)
10. Oscar L - Meatballs (David Herrero Ole Remix) (Suburban Tracks)
11. Jay Lumen - My Definition (Original Mix) (Great Stuff Recording)
12. Raul Sanchez - JOA el Cubano (Original mix) (Unreleased)
13. Angel Caoma, Alex Sachez & Javi Martin - Reverendo (Oscar L Shinshy Remix) (Shinshy Records)

Joa was born in La Habana (Cuba) but he grown up in Valladolid (Spain). After many years as a DJ, now he is developing his second passion as a producer.
Since the beginning of the electronic music, his sets has been influenced by his roots. This sets are full of great rythym and his caracteristic groove.
Any set has been unnoticed, because he tries to pass on his spirit and musical audacity to his every public, mixing from the freshest Tech-House to the underground Tech, providing a very personal style at his sessions.
He currently lives and works in Ibiza (Spain) every year.

Escribano on Twitter: @escribano
Escribano on Facebook:

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